A lot to do

So, I haven’t updated this is a few days and thats a real shame as I have so much to say, rather than this just being a blog post, this is actually here for two reasons, one to say I haven’t forgot about my little piece of the web here, and secondly to act as a reminder to myself as to what it is I actually have to say. Which is something like…

– The iPad unboxing and Zagg invisibleshield installation
– A few thoughts on ‘School Runs’
– A few thoughts on bullying drivers
– A taste of what a good clean to a car can do

And thats about it at this moment in time, but hey ho it is after all now 01:41 hours, and I have been suffering from a major lack of sleep lately due to work but meh whatever, that’s coming soon enough !


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I am a road race loving, adventure motorcyclist, with a huge bit of techie built in.  I am currently trying out a bit of photography.

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