Merry Christmas Everyone!

To all our users and visitors – have a very Merry Christmas 2020 – enjoy this ‘Locked Down’ Christmas as much as you can, hopefully it will be a ‘one off’, and just a Chapter in the history books!

Merry Christmas 2020

2020 TBNI.Blog Christmas T-Shirts Released


Just to bring a little Christmas cheer TBNI.Blog have released the 2020 TBNI.Blog Christmas T-Shirts. Available only until 6th January 2021 there are two variants, the traditional men’s T-shirt and then the female crew neck tee.

I’m sure you’ll agree the designs are ‘subtle,’ but remember it’s just for fun.

Disclaimer : A small amount from each T-Shirt sold goes to the upkeep of this site – in the case of the Limited Edition Christmas T-Shirts the cut that goes to the site is £2.09 – the remainder goes to the supplier – teemill.

Check out the TBNI.Blog Teemill Store

2020 TBNI.Blog Christmas T-Shirts Released

NORAD Tracks Santa – Follow the big lad as the presents get delivered!

 NORAD Tracks Santa
NORAD Tracks Santa

As soon as Christmas Eve kicks off (in Samoa and Christmas Island) Santa gets busy to get all the presents delivered to all the people of the world.

If you are lucky the Santa might be brining you a new bike, bike parts or if not it may be a bag of coal for you!

Whatever you hope for and where ever you are I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you.

To make things easy for you I have spoken to NORAD and Santa and TBNI / T80GSA will be live streaming Santa and his trip around the globe. So if you need to know where he is, maybe to get the kids off to sleep, or maybe to get your overly excitable other half to bed we’ll be right here keeping you all up to date from the early hours of Christmas Eve.

Happy a good one! Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year – 2019!

Happy New Year 2019
Happy New Year 2019

Just a very quick note to all TBNI.Blog visitors to wish you a very happy, safe and prosperous new year, may 2019 shine gracefully upon you!

And whilst we take the time to wish each other a Happy New Year please keep a little place in your heart to remember those who never made to 2019. Rest in peace.

Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Pre-Order Problems : Do NOT Buy from the eBay Scalpers!

Say NO to the eBay Scalpers. It is the only way to beat them.
Say NO to the eBay Scalpers. It is the only way to beat them.

Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Pre-Order Problems: If you are a keen gamer there is a good chance you found yourself in the position hundreds of us found ourselves yesterday and today.  That is without a Sony Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Console.

  • What is a Sony Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition?

Basically it is a special edition Playstation 4 Pro that celebrates the fact that Sony have now sold 500,000,000 Playstation consoles.  They have limited this edition to a mere 50,000 units globally making it actually pretty limited.  Limited of course means desirable to gamers, and unfortunately desirable to gamers means desirable to scalpers, or as I will refer to them from this point onwards – scumbags.

  • What’s so special about it?

To be honest thats a difficult question.  You can regularly and easily pick up a PS4 Pro for about £300 in a bundle.  This edition is £450, but comes with a camera, an upgraded 2TB hard drive and is housed in an awesome looking translucent blue case, each one individually numbered.  If you don’t understand the appeal then this probably isn’t the article for you and you’d be best just moving on to the next one.  If you do get it, or at least think you get it, have a look at this – I’m sure you will agree it is special!

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8Bitdo N30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller – Unboxing and Review

Read on for Step by Step Instructions on Updating the Firmware on the 8BitDo N30 Pro for Mac / PC.

Having got my RetroPie rig up and running I was thoroughly enjoying some retro arcade action.  I had everything from an Atari to a NeoGeo, with 1000s of games from my youth all ready to go with the push of a button on my TV.

One thing felt wrong though and that was the controller.  I was using a wired xBox / Windows controller.  It worked well, plugged it in and it just worked as it should but it just felt wrong.  Playing Streets of Rage on a modern xBox controller just didn’t capture the feel.  It still played well, it is still an epic retro game, but I’m sure you get what I mean?

Then I decided to change the controller and started looking for an alternative.  One that would work well, feel good and actually capture the feel of these older style games.  I did a lot of reading on Amazon reviews as well as other sites and they all pointed me towards one brand – 8BitDo.

They have a wide range of controllers and accessories – as you can see mostly geared towards the Nintendo feel of things :

8BitDo Range of Controllers
8BitDo Range of Controllers

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Just wanted to wish all you guys and girls a very Merry Christmas 2017

If you happen to be on your own this Christmas have a look at Twitter and the hashtag #joinin and have some banter and craic over there!

Hope Santa was good to you all, if not not and you were on the naughty list and got some coal, never worry there is always next year.

Whatsapp Scam : Text Message States Subscription has Expired – Click Link and Pay 99p for Lifetime Subscription – Don’t Click – Don’t Pay

Whatsapp Scam Text Message
Whatsapp Scam Text Message

This scam has been about before and is actually quite clever as previously you could have paid 99p for a Lifetime of Whatsapp (or a year depending when you joined), but since 2016 Whatsapp has been free and still is!

So don’t click the link and don’t pay!  This is an attempt by scammers to harvest payment details and no doubt rip you off further.  Just press delete.  

Don’t give it another thought – this is a scam full stop.  Delete it, ignore and keep enjoying your Whatsapp.

Oh and on this instance the message was sent to my phone number as a regular Text Message not even as a Whatsapp Message – why would Whatspp do that.  Think about it then forget it, happy that you still have your 99p and more importantly that you haven’t given this scum your bank details!

The wording of the message is : 

Your subscription has expired. To verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription for just 0.99 GBP simply tap on this link [LINK REMOVED]

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Tropical Storm Ophelia Aims For Ireland

Northern Ireland Hurrican Survival Kit
Northern Ireland Hurrican Survival Kit

Track Storm #Ophelia Live time here :,47.01,1535/loc=-16.139,56.259

Ex Hurricane Ophelia (previously a category 3 hurricane – the most intense storm ever recorded as far east on the globe) is due to hit the south west of Ireland in the next few hours.  It will then sweep across the island leaving the north coast at about 10pm.  High winds will likely continue into Tuesday.

During these hours this storm will be intense, it has been described as a 50 year storm, the Met Office, Irish Weather Authority, both Governemnts have issued advise.  Stay away from the coast, don’t go out unless you have to, stay safe, secure any loose property, be careful of debris trees etc.

Be prepared – have a torch, charge your phone, charge your power banks, have batteries, a battery powered radio, candles… if you have a land line – it may well work without electricity so make sure it is plugged in.  This storm will most likely pass quickly so don’t panic and stay safe.

This advise is sound – don’t be a hero and don’t put our real heroes (the emergency services) in a position where you have to be saved from your own stupidity.

Track Storm #Ophelia Live time here :,47.01,1535/loc=-16.139,56.259

Here are some very useful numbers should you need them :

Northern Ireland Emergency Contact Numbers
Northern Ireland Emergency Contact Numbers

Seriously – Stay Safe!

Northern Ireland Storm Ophelia
Northern Ireland Storm Ophelia