New Apple iPad (3rd Generation) Unboxing and Zagg InvisibleShield installation

I know it now a week later since the new Apple iPad got released in the UK (amongst others) but I didn’t have the time to get my little post up on release day so I thought today would be a good enough day as it is 23rd MArch 20212, and for those of us not in the first wave of releases, it is release day for the new iPad. Today the new iPad gets released in a further 23 countries so here is my experiences with the unboxing. Also works quite well as on release day I was not in possession of my Zagg invisibleShield. It actually arrived on 17/03/2012 and I got it on on the 18/03/2012. This is despite it being advertised by Expansys eBay store as being in the UK and getting dispatched 1st Class, it actually came from France, so took longer than I was prepared to wait, had I have known this another UK based seller would have got my business! Anyway thats another story.

This story begins at 05:00 hours on 16th March 2012 when I pulled myself out of bed, and drove to the nearest McDonald’s, got myself an awesome double sausage and egg McMuffin along with a hash brown and some brown nectar in the form of Coca Cola, brilliant!

Feeling a little fresher off I trundled to the Apple Store, Victoria Square Belfast, arriving at the shopping centre at about 05:40 hours I was worried that the queue would be horrific (from last year’s iPad 2 release) but to my surprise there was only around 100 people ahead of me. By the time the store opened there would have been 200 – 300 people in the queue so I was happy enough with the timing.

In and went and out I came £658 lighter in the pocket, having picked up a iPad 64Gb wifi along with AppleTV (see previous post) and home I went, where I waited on the postman, with the iPad still in its little box, still untouched by a human hand, and there it would remain until 18th March 2012! Gutted, and all no thanks to Expansys! Not impressed!

So anyway the Zagg InvisibleShield arrived, and now I was content in the knowledge I could take out the iPad, get the shield on and be happy knowing that it was protected!

If you don’t know what an InvisibleShield is, check out this video it says it all better than I ever could, other than this stuff is used by the Military to coat and protect the blades of the Apache helicopter! If that doesn’t make you want one, well nothing will. I have been using these for years and I think I can truthfully say I would trust nothing else to keep my gadgets shiny and as such I think I may actually be a little dependant on them!


And rather then than go into a detailed guide on how an InvisibleShield should be installed, I think that this video says it all really well. the only thing that I would like to add is make sure the device is off, make sure you let the shield cure proper;y and my best tip is that the installation liquid is good, the more the better, (without obviously dunking the device in it!)


So all I have to do now is show you my photos, which detail everything from the new products their unboxing, the shield getting put on and the act of restoring the iPad.


There are loads of places to watch unboxings and such so again I’m not going to go to deeply, it should suffice to say that as usual and as you would expect from Apple everything is beautifully done, the box itself feels good, any child would be happy with such a cardboard box to play with on Christmas Day! The inners of the box are well put together and when you pop it open you are met purely with that beautiful glass screen. It really does have a WOW factor when you open it. Then even the cable packaging is neat and tidy, everything is just astetically pleasing, and it should be when you are paying such a premium for the product. There are no twisted cable ties and the like here, it is all transparent plastic so even when pulling out the plug and sync cable you still see everything as snow white. After that you have the setup procedure and since iOS5 the iPad (and other iDevices) have been stand alone, with OTA (over the air) updates and no essential requirement as iTunes listed.

Setting it up is therefore a breeze, and again, although a minor point, it is nice to look at too! All the languages scrolling about when you are selecting yours, all the other graphics are equally as impressive and then you get to the big one, the most important question, new iPad or restore from backup.

As I was coming from and iPad (1st gen) and had it running the way I wanted I opted for a restore, at least this way, all my mail was there, iMessages, apps, game saves and so on. And after the restore the good news was indeed everything was still there exactly how I had left it on my old iPad.

Now it has been a week later have I anything I want to add? Yes, you need an iPad! Be warned however that there is a fair chance it will leave your netbook, laptop or desktop as a dust magnet! Everything about the iPad in my opinion is blissfully user friendly. It feels lighter than my old iPad, it has Smart Covers, which having missed out on Gen 2 I have say I am loving! Your computer will probably still be required for Syncing, downloading large files, and heavy typing, but for relaxation time, or productivity on the go, you may as well shut it down! The new retina display is simply gorgeous, and the gaming is smooth, slick and beginning to get into the realms of console rivalry. With onLive looking to tap into the iPad market it could well become a true contender very soon.

I opted for the 64Gb version as I have recently become very interested in photography, and with that again gorgeous retina display I wanted as much space as I could have, but to fair now with NAS drives becoming more affordable, along with cloud storage, the size is less important. You are dependant on internet connection, so for the reason I have opted for the 64Gb. I also instantly downloaded iPhoto, however as yet have still to turn it on, the reports I am receiving are good though, and I look forward to trying it out. If I have anything constructive to say on iPhoto I will add it here.

So upgrade then, yes or no? If you are on an iPad 1, then yes definitely. I’m sure you have noticed it is struggling a little now, crashes in safari, random apps shutting down, all sound familiar, well you are not alone, just look at this thread…

Nearly a quarter of a million views and 850 ish replies at the time of writing, so the iPad 1 is starting to fall behind, get it sold on, and put the casholas towards the new iPad, you will not be sorry!

If you are however an iPad 2 user, well lets be honest your device I’m sure is probably running rather well. Do you need the upgraded camera? Do you need retina display (OK OK everyone needs retina display) but really do you? Go and have a look at one in the flash, check out the display, and take a few photos, that will be enough I think to let you know personally if you need one. If photography is your thing, honestly it is devine. If not, again being fair, the iPad 2 looks pretty damn good! If you do decide to upgrade don’t be pressured into a sale at a ridiculous price for your iPad 2. Apple are selling them at £329 at the minute, but I’m sure like the iPad 1, they will stop that soon enough. Applecare also can really help you sell it on at a decent price and is well worth considering before your year runs out.

If you don’t decode on Applecare at least stress in your for sale ad that it is still within the Applecare timescales (providing that it is of course).

All the review in the world though will not substitute going to a store, getting hands on the device and having a go yourself, so before you do anything, make sure you have a play!


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