National Cleavage Day 30/03/2012

One of the better ‘Days’ in the year for guys.

No idea how it works for the girlies but lets be honest this is definitely a day for the fellas.   The ladyees have Valentine’s Day so it’s good for us to finally have something back. National Cleavage Day should become a male institution, a birthright that we all look forward to.

Ladyees – Don’t be haters, you all get flowers, chocolates, lingerie, jewellery and who knows what else, I have heard of iPads, TVs, and even a MacBook Air as a Valentine’s Day gift!  What do we want, Cleavage Day, that’s all, stick a low cut top on ya and let us feast our eyes.  It is not to be degrading or disrespectful, in fact is shouting it is Cleavage Day and damn girl you look good, take it as a compliment, it not males standing on or taking your femininity, it is just all about great boobs!

Happy National Cleavage Day – and wear them low!

Epic Boobs
National Cleavage Day

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