Apple iPad Mini…Has arrived.

Today is the day Apple bring out their small tablet onto the market, and I want one!

But do I?

This is the problem you see, I have a ‘New iPad’ which is also getting binned today for an ‘iPad with Retina Display’ (which mine has anyway) but hoo ha, can I justify an iPad mini.

Yes it would be nice to have, but with the Nexus 7 on the market, currently at £199 for a 32Gb model, and a Blackberry Playbook 64Gb sitting at £129 it is a big decision for what will ultimately be a pocket browser, but then surely my iPhone 5 handles that?

The market is flooded and tech heads like me are funding it!

Time to go and do some research, in Apples favour all my apps will work and it will just slide on nicely with everything else, in Nexus favour I want to give android a go and in Blackberry’s favour I could buy 2 and have 8 (EIGHT!!) times the amount of storage!


iPad - iPad Mini - Nexus
iPad – iPad Mini – Nexus – Who Will It Be?

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