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I thought this would be a good potential way to attack, but not necessarily kill two birds with one stone.  I recently purchased some ACF-50 (Anti Corrosion Formula 50) to treat and protect my new bike for the rest of the winter, from the rest of the winter, and after much reading ACF-50 seems to be the product to do that!

Here is how I have described it on my YouTube Video…

ACF-50 is an ‘Anti Corrosion Formula’ that is utilised on aircraft carriers to protect the aircraft from the effects of salt water on their metal. It is also used by many motorcycle owners to protect their bikes through the harsh winter months.

ACF-50 will prevent any corrosion or damage caused by salted or gritted roads and being electronically safe can be applied to the majority of the motorcycle.

Due to its exceptionally slippery nature it MUST not be applied to the braking systems or tyres. The reasons behind this are self-explanatory. Do not do it!

ACF-50 is extremely expensive retailing in the UK at around £31.00GBP a litre! However a little goes a long way. The product is also fluid and given a little time will move on its own covering a large area with little product. If you can let it work its magic for around 24 hours before going out on the bike.

The most common question is about after application and what to do next. The most common answers are as follows, but remember everyone has a different opinion so do which ever works for you or you feel most comfortable with…

1. Leave the bike, the ACF-50 will protect it. The ACF-50 will catch the dirt and protect the bike, you bike will look minging, but underneath it will be gleaming, ready for a spring clean.

2. Wash the bike with cold running water, this will remove the salt and leave the ACF-50 in place.

3. Wash the bike as normal, this will remove some of the ACF-50 and will require a top application.

TIP – When the water stops beading on the bike the ACF-50 has gone – Reapply!

Thanks for watching the video and any questions or comments are more than welcome.

This is my first proper YouTube upload so I will get better with experience, so feel free to subscribe!


I took two days to apply it as thoroughly as possible although to be fair I wanted it to sit for 24 hours to allow the product to infiltrate every nook and cranny of the bike.  This is where the second bird come in though…

The Video ; (Which can be found here : )

As per my previous post I recently purchased a GoPro HD Hero 3, the unboxing is already in this blog, however to be able to actually comment or review on it I have to use it a few times.  This is my first attempt at it.  The whole thing was shot in one take, on each day, with a GoPro Head Strap, and even if I do say so myself I’m impressed.

I will have a few more goes with it in different circumstances and hopefully also get better with Adobe Premiers Elements 11 before I give any more detailed analysis.

Also I can not review the ACF-50 until the end of the winter when I wash it off, hopefully revealing a pristine bike, however this should give you a good insight into a product that is so very highly regarded in the motorcycling community.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy my first attempt at a YouTube Video!

More details on ACF-50 :

ACF-50 How it Works
How it Works

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