22/03/2013 Gears of War Judgement Release Day

Today is release day for the latest instalment in the Gears of War story. This one instead though of focusing on the hero we have grown up with namely Marcus Fenix, it focuses instead on the rather ‘lippy’ Damon Baird.

The story basically picks up immediately after Emergence Day and follows the happenings to Baird’s ‘Kilo’ Squad.

I won’t go into it to much as for me anyway it the Gears Story that captures my mind, so like me I am sure you don’t want to read too much about it.

All I know is tonight was the first time I watched the trailer.

My local game store, namely ‘Game’ Game.co.uk were doing a midnight release. This is not unusual however the conditions I had to go to get it were.

It is a week away basically from April. It is Spring. However we are experiencing a Major Disruptive Snow Event, a Met Office Red Warning of snow. Warnings which are telling us of 40cm of snow to fall!

So with gale force wind and driving snow off I went to get my copy.

A little snow and wind and driving snow wouldn’t stop a Gear, so hell it didnt stop me either!

Don’t worry I was stopped when I took this :


Nothing stops a Gear!


The copy I purchased was the Game Exclusive steel case, which retailed at £44.99.


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