13/04/2013 – A Few Little Bets to Give the Bookie a Beatin’

I have scoured the internet picking todays’s best accumulators to make yourself a very wealthy human being!

Although to be fair the chances of that happening is really rather slim, so on a more realistic note I have scoured the internet and have found today’s best bets for a bit of entertainment for today’s Soccer Saturday.

Obviously these bets are pretty long odds accumulators and should be treated as such, just for fun, with great payouts for minimal stakes.

Remember ono gamble what you can afford and have a great Soccer Saturday!


iPhone Mail Message Stuck in Outbox – An Easy Solution…

This happened to me today, so I thought I would share the easiest solution ever to sorting this problem out. Basically an email message was stuck for whatever reason in my Out Box on my iPhone(5) (running iOS6). It was stuck all day and as the battery has enough issues in lasting the day this really didn’t help. So if like me you were puzzled as to how to resolve this, (because as it is trying to send you can’t click on ‘Edit’ and subsequently delete the email) here is the solution.

1. Go to ‘Settings’
2. Put the phone into ‘Airplane Mode’
3. Go to ‘Mail’
4. Go to your ‘Out Box’
5. Click ‘Edit’
6. Delete the problem message.
7. Go to ‘Settings’
8. Turn off ‘Airplane Mode’
9. Continue with an enjoyable stress free day!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. If you live in Europe it is pretty much over, however if you hail from the USA it may still be getting underway.

My advice to everyone today is be very careful of what you read, and even more careful of what ou believe. Companies more and more are jumping on the back of April Fool’s Day to try and look cool, hip and popular, some do it better than others, and some are just trying too hard.

The Top 5 Best April Fool’s Jokes I read today…

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