2020 TBNI.blog Sponsorship

Sponsorship Opportunities now available for tbni.blog 2017
Sponsorship Opportunities now available for tbni.blog 2020

With the turn of the new year it is time to open up the tbni.blog sponsorship programme again.

This is very simple and also exceptionally good value for our sponsors (Prices start from FREE!).  The sponsorship only runs until 31st December 2020 and resets itself in the new year to allow new sponsors a chance to get in.

What does it involve?  

New for 2020 there are now 2 options:

  1. You get a slot on one of my panniers – (Details below) – for you to put your company logo. (Positions are also now available on the motorcycle itself).

You then get your logo / brand out there everywhere my bike goes and is kitted out with the boxes.  You also get your brand / logo added to this site which attracted over 63.000 unique visitors in 2019.  Remember though that these visitors are looking for this site and it’s content.  We don’t buy visitors – our figures are genuine and only consist of people who are looking for information on what we post.  The people you want to see your branding will, as all of our visitors want to be here!

2.  NEW FOR 2020 : Your banner ad gets placed on the site.  The benefits of banner ads are well documented and opens your site up to the visitors of this site.  You will need to supply the artwork for the advert and it can be linked to your official business webpage, your business Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Pages.

You will also get exposure via the TBNI Twitter and Facebook Pages.

Revenue generated goes back into tbni.blog to keep it running, up to date and to enable the addition of new content.

For more information get in touch with us via :


or via this contact form :

All decisions on Sponsorship will be made by me – I will only endorse products that I feel to be useful / beneficial / fun and positive to this site.  I will not enter communication as to why I feel your brand / logo may not be suitable or has been unsuccessuful in being selected for inclusion in this program.  If you want to be added to the waiting list for this program then please let me know.

2017 Pannier Advertisement Places - These will change subject to availability
2019 Pannier Advertisement Places – These will change subject to availability