20/09/2013 – Happy iPhone 5s Day

So I completed my annual iPhone queuing yesterday at the Apple Store, Belfast returning home with a new white iPhone 5s 64GB.

Stocks were certainly low and the gold variant sold out almost instantly.

I can anticipate that desirability will increase rapidity now as stocks of other models sell out. Prices on eBay are already well inflated.

I will follow up with my thoughts and feelings on the IPhone5s and iOS7 in due course.

If you got one, enjoy!


The Last of Us – This Gaming Generation’s Perfection?


This isn’t so much a review,there are loads of them out there, from professional review sites which all describe this game in great detail. Also it isn’t a preview, the Last of Us has been out far too long for that!

Instead it is just some thoughts I felt I had to share after spending close to 17 hours in this beautiful but devastated Naughty Dog view of the Zombie Apocalypse.

I started this game when it came out a couple of months ago, but due to other commitments only got about an hour into the story, after a (unintentional) long break I got to sit down in front of my ps3 again and decided it would be rude to try and start from where I left off, so I started again. Believe me that’s no big deal as now that I have finished it I will easily sit down again and start it from the beginning.

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