Still no Computer!

I haven’t gone away you know!

I am still computerless however that is all about to end very soon. My Apple iMac has been ordered and should be with me by 11/10/2013. That will be pretty much two months to the day without a computer.

In that time I have gathered up a few things to comment on, my new iPhone 5s, a G-Form Extreme iPhone case, a Spigen Tough Armour iPhone case, a soon to be delivered Otterbox Defender for the 5s and finally you’ll be hearing my thoughts on the new 2013 Haswell iMac, which I am getting loaded with the i7 processor and 4Gb graphics card.

Full details will follow.

Hopefully you have had a decent end to the summer and I’ll be back and rolling forward again very soon!

Oh I just read that it is 84 sleeps to Christmas!


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I am a road race loving, adventure motorcyclist, with a huge bit of techie built in.  I am currently trying out a bit of photography.

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