Nokia Lumia 920 UnBoxing

I’m not completely new to Nokia Lumia phones nor the Windows Phone OS, having owned a Lumia 620 previously.  As a complete and utter Mac fanatic and convert I have to say the Windows Phone OS is exceptional.  Yes there are a few holes in the app market, but these are more ‘wants’ than ‘necessities’ and as every week passes these holes are getting filled in.  There is now very little that I can’t do on WP that I really see as an immediate must, except for the Sky Go App.  Come on Microsoft and Sky, Windows Phone users need Sky Go!

I previously did a simple guide for getting started on WP8, you can find that here :

Also to touch quickly on the built in Nokia Apps, firstly the Sat Nav Software is simply great.  Last year it took me all across Florida without a single hitch, and it frequently takes me round roads over here, that the rest of the developed world would maybe, on a good day, consider as a track!  Believe me, a Sat Nav working well over here is no mean feat!

So what is different and why did I see the need to change?

That’s an easy one, there are some unbelievable deals about at the moment on the 920 handset, I was able to sell my 620 for about £4 less than I bought it for and a few notes later I had upgraded to the 920.  The differences are basically, everything is bigger and better.  Bigger, better screen, more RAM, faster processor, more storage, much much better camera.

The full Specs of the phone for the technically gifted can be found here :

Which leads me to my next point, the camera on the Nokia Lumia 920 is outstanding.  (The gallery images were not taken with it by the way – say no more!)  And with each and every update Nokia and WP8 are throwing out it just keeps getting better.  The latest rendition of this Nokia Camera App can be found here :

With the Nokia Camera App you are not far off the power of a basic DSLr!  With setting from Auto to Manual, Portrait to Sports, the need for a Point ‘N Shoot is quickly diminishing!  Another quality app that has been released by Nokia for the higher end Lumia range is called ‘Refocus’ and with simply touch gestures true depth of field imaging has been brought – live time – to the mobile phone camera system.  A quick preview and demo of ‘ReFocus’ can be seen here :

With such a brilliant Sat Nav and Camera system on the 920 it has to be a contender to replace your sat nav in your car alone, and at similar money for a decent sat nag, and with the benefit of it being phone as well as a great camera the benefits are certainly becoming more obvious!

Finally, with Nokia MixRadio you have a massive catalogue of music to take with you, stream and enjoy for FREE!  Yep another brilliant free app in the Nokia Suite, and the details of it are here :

Of course there has to be a problem right?  Yep unfortunately so.  And it is common with all smart phones.  The battery.  When Sat Naving, photographing and streaming the Lumia goes through a battery as quick as a hungry baby with a bottle.  Same can be said for many other phones of course, but it is a point to be wary off.  If long battery life is a necessity for you, you may need to look else where, or at least at a USB car charger and spare lead, or a battery pack, hell there are that many options I’m sure you’ll be grand!

Nokia Lumia 920 UnBoxing Gallery :

 photo P1080076_zpsb8445a1d.jpg photo P1080077_zpsc884ae4d.jpg photo P1080079_zps79a7debf.jpg
 photo P1080082_zpsfcc55b72.jpg photo P1080083_zps8c7a5670.jpg photo P1080084_zps4cdf801a.jpg
 photo P1080085_zpsd61234f2.jpg photo P1080086_zps7473c522.jpg photo P1080087_zps3fbe9dad.jpg
 photo P1080088_zps2c97528c.jpg photo P1080089_zps9fcc3d5c.jpg photo P1080090_zps996b0b5a.jpg
 photo P1080091_zps901310f7.jpg photo P1080092_zps517f6949.jpg photo P1080093_zps483c4032.jpg
 photo P1080094_zps1ea4364b.jpg photo P1080095_zps881ff6c0.jpg photo P1080096_zps2a649be1.jpg
 photo P1080098_zpsde4d9ab4.jpg photo P1080099_zps819b21d1.jpg photo P1080100_zpsa6ca8778.jpg
 photo P1080101_zps28f788b7.jpg photo P1080102_zpsd4118f59.jpg photo P1080104_zps0b3520fb.jpg
 photo P1080105_zpsfd72aae6.jpg photo P1080106_zpsc0ceceaf.jpg photo P1080107_zpsdad64852.jpg


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