OtterBox Defender for Nokia Lumia 920 UnBoxing

From my previous post you can see that I recently purchased a Nokia Lumia 920.  Anyone who follows my blog will also know that I am a huge fan of tough cases for phones, it means I can go to work and forget about my phone, go out on the bike, go for a run and never be overly worried about the phone, safe in the knowledge that it is well protected.  Of course there is the fact that these cases will add considerable bulk to a phone and I appreciate that therefore tough cases are not for everyone.  With that to the side it is hard to deny that OtterBox make a good case, and it is for that reason that I opted for an Otterbox Defender for my new Lumia.

Also I should say that there is very little variety when it comes to this phone, and even the OtterBox was difficult enough to source in the UK.  The other alternatives were eBay imports that looked like rather cheap Otterbox imitations.  Maybe the difficulty in sourcing this case explains the condition it arrived with me in, you may see in the photographs that the packaging certainly had better days and although it is hard to see the case itself was filthy, covered in a thick layer of dust as if it had been lying in an old store room since the beginning of time.  To be fair the phone has been released for a while and the case itself didn’t come direct from Otterbox, so there are external factors worth considering.

Anyway this case does exactly what it says on the tin, it is big and bulky for shock and drop protection, the ports and switches are covered up with should offer good dust protection and it has a build in screen guard.  It is at this point that I find my only fault with the case.  The screen guard, when the case is installed, is not tight against the screen, there is a small layer of air in there that you feel when using the phone, it is almost like a cushion effect and it detracts heavily from the touch screen.  I mean heavily.  It is not nice to use.  Also this gap seems to be a magnet for dust.  After just a short period of time I noticed an alarming amount of dust and debris had accumulated inside the case, between the screen shield and the phone itself.  This case should be removed frequently and the phone cleaned.

Having said that as far as extreme protection goes for the Lumia 920 this seems to be the best option, so if it is protection you require, and can deal with cleaning the phone and case regularly and the reduction in sensitivity and less than pleasing use of the touch screen this is a decent case, offering a standard of protection that no one else seems to for the Lumia 920.  If you don’t need the heavy duty protection but like keeping your phones in pristine condition a decent full body shield such as those supplied by Zagg or BestSkinsEver may be the way forward?

OtterBox Defender for Nokia Lumia 920 UnBoxing :

 photo P1080111_zps798f66c4.jpg photo P1080113_zps254d97f6.jpg photo P1080114_zpsfe00957d.jpg
 photo P1080115_zps41554273.jpg photo P1080116_zpsd9238f57.jpg photo P1080118_zpse0e797ce.jpg
 photo P1080119_zpsa678b9ec.jpg photo P1080120_zpsf57e9402.jpg photo P1080122_zpsf15b0ab5.jpg
 photo P1080124_zpsb55641a4.jpg photo P1080125_zpsb6205ece.jpg photo P1080126_zpsc18cc78e.jpg
 photo P1080127_zps16e45fa6.jpg photo P1080128_zps0657ed77.jpg photo P1080129_zps02744dda.jpg
 photo P1080131_zpse807ac65.jpg photo P1080133_zpsb8fad0f4.jpg photo P1080134_zpsdcb64b06.jpg
 photo P1080135_zpse68a68b1.jpg photo P1080136_zps9e6da7c0.jpg photo P1080137_zps352138df.jpg
 photo P1080138_zps39462eb0.jpg photo P1080139_zps21cff543.jpg photo P1080140_zps3bd3e946.jpg
 photo P1080145_zps4aeeea7e.jpg photo P1080146_zps0bd7f3d8.jpg photo P1080148_zps826674b9.jpg
 photo P1080149_zpsdccdb9b3.jpg photo P1080150_zps4506ae9a.jpg photo P1080151_zps4605c654.jpg
 photo P1080156_zps2c64f1d7.jpg


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