Casio G-Shock Bluetooth GBA400-1AER UnBoxing

With Smart Watches taking over the world, is there a place for a non smart watch?

Absolutely!  Of course there is, many people have no interest in a Smart Watch, many people would rather speed £500 on a wrist watch over a smart watch.  Others need the functions of a standard watch more than a Smart Watch.  Me, for example I wear G-Shocks, for their rugged strength, and I like how they look.  I can wear it to work and not even slightly worry about it, same goes for being out on the bike, no weather will phase it, nor me, and if pulling a long a long weekend, or a full day I don’t need to worry about my watch’s battery.  I don’t need to worry about damaging it, because let’s be honest if the watch breaks, there’s a good chance my arm is broken with it!

However when browsing I noticed the G-Shock ‘Smart’ Watch at a bargain price of £90 GBP, when the RRP is £180, that was easily enough to tempt me, so it was ordered and arrived the next day.

Basically it is a G-Shock with everything you expect in the rugged strength and chunky looks, with the added bonus of Bluetooth 4.0.  There is an app for iOS (and Android) which pairs to the watch, which when you activate and from there the app can control the time settings and the music on your smart device, whether that be song selection or volume.

So its smart settings are basic, time setting and music control. that’s all there will ever be, but that’s fine, not too many people will need or want more from a G-Shock, but it is a nice feature set, it adds to the G-Shock experience, and at a reasonable price it is a bargain.

The battery is touted as lasting for 2 years when using the Bluetooth Features for 2 hours a day, obviously the more or less you use the more or less the battery will be affected.  Also it doesn’t remain parked indefinitely.  In an attempt to preserve battery the BT connection will disconnect after 2 hours of non use.  Some people like this, others hate it, for me I am reasonably indifferent, pairing the watch and a phone back up is very easy and quick, so it doesn’t bother me at all.

All I would say in summary is that this is a G-Shock with a Smart features, it isn’t a smart watch.  Don’t expect text, email notifications, for some reason Casio have dropped this feature which they do have on other watches, this is a watch to control your music, if that is something you would benefit from then this is definitely the G-Shock for you.  If not the RRP of £180 opens up a massive range of other G-Shock watches for you so have a good browse around.  Oh and at £90 this is an absolute bargain!

G-Shock GBA400-1AER Bluetooth 4.0 UnBoxing Gallery :

 photo P1100630_zpsxonojtml.jpg photo P1100631_zpsj9ektnkz.jpg photo P1100632_zpsoc9zc6jv.jpg
 photo P1100633_zpskiat5pes.jpg photo P1100634_zpszvgmej7l.jpg photo P1100635_zpsbax8rzx8.jpg
 photo P1100637_zpsi2dvycxf.jpg photo P1100638_zpsecmb871d.jpg photo P1100639_zps7qpw58nh.jpg
 photo P1100640_zpscgpcgq99.jpg photo P1100641_zps6bmlatyj.jpg photo P1100642_zpsvsl9rcia.jpg
 photo P1100643_zpsitcugexh.jpg photo P1100645_zpsrvvkinnb.jpg photo P1100646_zpsb2uegzhg.jpg
 photo P1100647_zpsox60cgw0.jpg photo P1100649_zps1mu7cbbc.jpg photo P1100650_zpsibznezrn.jpg
 photo P1100652_zpsvciwkabu.jpg photo P1100654_zpsporexstr.jpg photo P1100655_zpsbowrmhj2.jpg
 photo P1100658_zpsbbyitfzj.jpg photo P1100659_zpsain0oeax.jpg photo P1100660_zpsmsvfbcpt.jpg
 photo P1100661_zpshcuuxl6p.jpg photo P1100662_zpsghooab0p.jpg photo P1100663_zpshuowzbsa.jpg
 photo P1100665_zpsg5w93td1.jpg


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