New Year – New Gear (Part I) : Boots – Magnum SideWinders

The new biking season has just kicked off properly in the UK, although as I sit here typing this out tonight I look outside and boy does it look cold!  I can further evidence this by the fact that it is 0 degrees celcius outside!

It's April, in fact it is almost May and it is still freezing in Northern Ireland!
It’s April, in fact it is almost May and it is still freezing in Northern Ireland!

So there you have it, it is officially freezing!

Back to the point though!  The new biking season has kicked off, we have already The Mid Antrim 150 and the Tandragee 100.  This weekend is the turn of Cookstown, but for me it is the time for some new gear.

The first bit of kit I have upgraded this year are my day to days boots.  Last year having utilised a pair of Classic Magnums : A brief write up on the Classic MAgnums can be found in this posting.

Hi-Tec Magnum Desert Boots
Hi-Tec Magnum Desert Boots

Due to the over whelming comfort of these boots and the practicality when off the bike I have opted for another pair of Magnums.  This time though I have picked myself up a pair of SideWinders…

Hi-Tec Magnum SideWinder Boots
Hi-Tec Magnum SideWinder Boots

As you will see from the photos these are another pair of Military Style boots, the main differences being :

  1. These are marketed as ‘waterproof’ – only time will tell.
  2. These are much sturdier around the heel and ankle area.

I have only worn them on a few outings so far, however the new strength around the boot is so obvious, and it is also clearly visible from the photographs.  This in turn should offer more protection to the foot and ankle, hopefully though I wont be finding out.

The boots though are hard to break in.  On one 300 mile trip my foot (right) did start to get exceptionally painfully, the pressure being exerted on my heel was on a few occassions almost too much.  The Classic Magnums were very comfortable, in saying that though they were broke in almost like slippers.

I havent given up on these yet though, and I will update this posting in a few months in relation to the comfort levels after getting a load more miles clocked up on them!

Until then, thanks for reading and here are a few more photos :

 photo IMG_3261_zps5bfstrzs.jpg
 photo IMG_3262_zpsohwgvbbg.jpg
 photo IMG_3263_zpsmxcxslod.jpg


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