Nitro Circus Live – Belfast, Windsor Park – 10th June 2016

UPDATE : Just for the info of the readers Nitro Circus filed a copyright infringement against me for this video, with YouTube… Way to go Nitro Circus.  I’m pretty sure an copyright infringement can’t be set on a sporting event in an open air stadium, but you know what, the little guy has no chance in taking on someone like you.  So well done, you horrid, money motivated, soul-less corporation.  It just goes to show everyone eventually forgets their roots.  I’m disgusted, and no longer a fan.  I am not childish enough to remove this posting or the video, enjoy the couple of cents you will make from it, but instead I will leave this here so you and everyone else can see how you like to dump on your own patrons.  Oh and I can be an ass too.

The stunt where they call ‘members of the crowd’ out for the stunt involving the 3 people doing the backflip on the motorcycle – is fake.  They are members of the Nitro Circus Team.  All fake.  Good night.

A brief history of the show from television to Live Shows and 3D movies can be found on Wikipedia at :

Nitro Circus is an “action sport collective” led by Travis Pastrana, featuring his friends and him traveling around the world riding dirtbikes, base jumping, and performing stunts. It has spawned a tour, a second television series based on the tour, and a 3D feature film.

The collective began by releasing about 10 DVDs during the early 2000s. Good sales led to the creation of the television show.

Originally run as a 2006 miniseries on Fuel TV, it began running as an episodic reality television show on MTV that featured people performing various dangerous stunts. Nitro Circus officially debuted on February 8, 2009; Season 2 premiered on August 27, 2009.

Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D was released August 8, 2012 in the United States and November 15, 2012 in Australia and New Zealand for one week.[1] Release dates for other countries are to be announced.[2][3]

Jim DeChamp suffered a serious back injury on June 29, 2011, while shooting for the 3D film. After undergoing surgery, his doctors indicated there was no spinal damage and that they expect him to make a full recovery.[4]

Damien Starkey and Paul Phillips both ex-Puddle of Mudd members scored the movie and provided the majority of the music. This was done through Starkey’s company Give 2 Get Music.

Nitro Circus Live is a reality television show. It follows Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew as they perform live all around the world

Nitro Circus visited Belfast for the first time ever on Friday 10th June 2016.

In typical Northern Irish style such a major outdoor event that was totally dependant on fine weather was met with… rain!  Miserable rain!

Nitro Circus at Belfast's Windsor Park 10th June 2106 - Before it got a little bit drier!
Nitro Circus at Belfast’s Windsor Park 10th June 2106 – Before it got a little bit drier!

As you can see from the above photo, it was wet!  And as I sure you can appreciate if you are coming off that 75 foot ramp you can see on the far left, you don’t want to be landing on a wet ramp – that will not end well!

This photo was taken at about 6.50pm the show was due to start at 7.00pm!  It did start and we got to see a Nitro Circus Live however it was about 8.30pm before the crew managed to dry up the ramps etc.  Of course that isn’t their fault and they deserve huge recognition for getting what you see above transformed into a usuable show ground as soon as the weather dried up.

So how was it?

I am going to start with the bad.

Since buying my tickets months ago, Ticketmaster changed my seats.  Promised better ones, then guess what?  They changed them again!  (Also promised better ones.)  Is that a big deal?  Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure the seats I ended up on were not the ones I had originally booked, and we were lucky.  If you were one of the many who had your tickets changed for the supposedly better ones you had to exchange them on arrival.  Here’s the kicker the seats weren’t actually changed.  You had to show your old ones and you got handed the same number of ‘new’ tickets for somewhere ‘higher and better.’  Remembering of course Windsor Park ins’t exactly a huge stadium, higher isn’t really relevant.  The plan probably sounded OK in practice to the management team but it wasn’t.  It didn’t actually take into account the seating plan of the stadium, you just got handed sequential tickets from a pile.

We were lucky, when we found our seats, (because the staff directing seating didn’t have a clue – we were told ‘I think you go round that way and it’s up there somewhere’) they were together.  However beside me was one spare seat.  Then the structure of a tunnel seperated the sections by about 8 feet.  Two mates came in, one sat beside us, the other sat on the other side of the tunnel blocked by the concrete structure from his mate.  That is a disgrace, these guys paid at least £70 for their tickets and the don’t even get to sit together.  The lads never even made it to the start of the show, and fair play to them I wouldn’t have accepted it either!  Then a family of six came in, four of them sat on one side of the tunnel then two had to sit in front of us.  Another case of the ticket distribution failing people who would have spent at least £200 on the family outing.  Unacceptable that their seats got moved and they don’t then get to sit together!

We were moved from the East Stand to the South stand, because they were ‘extending the show’ for our ‘enjoyment.’  Nonsense – as you will see in the photos the East stand was empty as was the north and the west.  And afterall it is a stadium, the seating isn’t moving to enable an extension of the show, it’s a fixed structure.  The only thing I can suggest is not enough tickets were sold, so everyone was cramped into the south stand so that the cameras could filming from the north giving the impression of a full house.

One other thing, a ‘better seat’ as I was promised is certainly not one that has its view obstructed by a hand rail, which is stategically placed right in the middle of the action.  You get away with this at a football match as the area of action moves however in a show with a defined ‘stage’ having a big metal pole right in the middle of that stage isnt great.

For your own information Ticket Master and EventSec, this plan did not work before the show even started you had a lot of unhappy customers and famalies on your hands.

Of course if I am wrong in anything I have said I am happy to hear from Ticketmaster and / or EventSec.  Feel free to Contact Me.

Now to the good!

For everything that EventSec and Ticket Master got wrong Nitro Circus got right!

From keeping us updated as to delays via the very enthusiast MC, to the sterling work of the ground crew in getting the structures dried in amazing time to the skill and sheer ‘ballsiness’ of the Nitro Circus Athletes they got it bang on!  The warm up was even impressive…

Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 - The Warmup was even impressive!
Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 – The Warmup was even impressive!

The stunts these guys do are amazing, more than that the show is fun.

The big ramp you see is 75 foot tall, it is a monster and this is where the non motorised vehicles come hurtling down!  BMX, Mountain Bikes and Scooters all feature, doing crazy sommersaults, black flips, and other things I wouldn’t have a clue how to even name!

Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 – Non Motorised Vehicles Star in the Show too preforming some unbelievable stunts!

Taking the big ramp into account there is a section of the show dedicated to contraptions – that sees everything from a sofa and a snow board to a Penny Farthing motorcycle getting launched down the ramp.

Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 - Yes indeed, that is a conoe and no it ain't going to land in water!
Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 – Yes indeed, that is a conoe and no it ain’t going to land in water!

The fun continues and then it gets just a little more wild.  Two lads are picked out of the audience and sat on a MX Bike, and told ‘now you are going to do a back flip!’  Yes three guys, one bike, one back flip…

Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 - Three Guys, One Bike, One Backflip!
Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 – Three Guys, One Bike, One Backflip!

Now this is actually a proper dangerous stunt as evidenced here :

From the BBC NEWS Website Scotland Website 05/02/2016 :

The Nitro Circus performance at the SSE Hydro was halted on Thursday night after three people and a bike rider fell off during an attempted stunt.

All four came off when the bike failed to clear a ramp. The two injured men were later taken to hospital.

Thankfully we are made of harder stuff in Belfast 😉

Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 - Three Guys, One Bike, One Backflip! Success!
Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 – Three Guys, One Bike, One Backflip! Success!

Let’s not forget this guy…

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham

Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 - Wheels
Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016 – Wheels

Have a read and be inspired…

And then be in awe as Aaron speeds down the 75 foot ramp lauching his wheelchair into a crazy flip!  It just has to be seen!

The show finished with a serious Nitro Bomb which really needs to be seen, all the bikes (motor and pedal), scooters, everything flying in the air at the same time for a brilliant grand finale… Well done Nitro Circus, you were great, hopefully you’ll come back and hopefully Windsor Park will fill for your next visit!

I only have one question NitroCircus – why no fire!?!

Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016
Nitro Circus, Windsor Park, Belfast 10th June 2016


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