Merry Christmas 2016

To all of our readers, visitors, followers, friends, and family and everyone else, here’s to a Merry Christmas!

I hope you and yours have a safe and enjoyable one, spread the cheer!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

IOS 10.2 – The Important Stuff – The New Emoji…

For us in the UK, who aren’t yet getting the TV app for our iOS devices, the most important update in relation to the newly released iOS 10.2 is without a doubt – Emoji. 

And if you are curious what all these new emoji are, wonder no more because here they are…

? Rolling On The Floor Laughing

? Face With Cowboy Hat

? Clown Face

? Lying Face

? Drooling Face

? Nauseated Face

? Sneezing Face

? Prince

? Mother Christmas

? Man In Tuxedo

? Shrug

? Face Palm

? Pregnant Woman

? Man Dancing

? Selfie

? Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed

? Call Me Hand

? Left-Facing Fist

? Right-Facing Fist

? Raised Back Of Hand

? Handshake

? Black Heart

? Gorilla

? Fox Face

? Deer

? Rhinoceros

? Bat

? Eagle

? Duck

? Owl

? Lizard

? Shark

? Shrimp

? Squid

? Butterfly

? Wilted Flower

? Kiwifruit

? Avocado

? Potato

? Carrot

? Cucumber

? Peanuts

? Croissant

? Baguette Bread

? Pancakes

? Bacon

? Stuffed Flatbread

? Egg

? Shallow Pan Of Food

? Green Salad

? Glass of Milk

? Clinking Glasses

? Tumbler Glass

? Spoon

? Octagonal Sign

? Scooter

? Motor Scooter

? Canoe

? First Place Medal

? Second Place Medal

? Third Place Medal

? Boxing Glove

? Martial Arts Uniform

? Person Doing Cartwheel

? Wrestlers

? Water Polo

? Handball

? Fencer

? Goal Net

? Juggling

? Drum With Drumsticks

? Shopping Trolley

Isle of Man TT 2016 : Day 2

An early start after being well rested in my super comfortable hotel room!

A bit of breakfast down the hatch and the sun is already shining!  The Start / Finish Line seems like the perfect meeting place…

Isle of Man TT Races - Start Finisg Line - Practice Week - 30/06/2016
Isle of Man TT Races – Start Finish Line – Practice Week – 30/05/2016

To start of with a trip to one of the Island’s regular tourist attractions, The Laxey Wheel…

Laxey Wheel, Laxey, Isle of Man
Laxey Wheel, Laxey, Isle of Man

After the obligatory photo off we go to the mountain road.

This time however the road gets closed due to a collision.  It actually happens twice today, 1 rider is unfortunately critically injured, 3 others are hurt coming off their bikes, and unluckily for them were only wearing tracksuits at the time!

The Isle of Man Constabulary Twitter Account shares this information live time and is really one of the greatest sources of news on the Island.  Make sure you follow them for up to date info on all of the Island’s roads.

Isle of Man Roads Policing Twitter Account :

Isle of Man Police Twitter Account :

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