Fixing Wifi Problems on MacOS (Yosemite / Sierra) – Connected to Wifi But No Internet…

Fixing Persistent Wi-Fi Problems in MacOS

MacOS users : Bookmark this page on your phone – someday it will save you a bucket load of hassle!

Recently I have experienced a few problems with the Sleep / Wake function of one of my drives that then causes MacOS to restart.

Unfortunately sometimes that still does not wake up the drive and it needs powered down and restarted, then MacOS needs Shut down, left for a moment and restarted.  Thankfully that process seems to be sorting out the hard drive issue, however it also seemed to bring another problem with it.

Following the shut down and restarting of the computer it appears that the wifi has connected without issue, but I have no internet connection.  Nothing.  No Internet, no email, no connections of any kind.  No amount of restarting, rebooting or waiting would solve it.  No amount of disconnecting the wifi rescanning, trying to connect to the iPhone as a hotspot would bring my internet activiites back to life.  So how do you fix it?

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TomBoyNI’s MotoVLog Episode 002 : BMW R1200GSA Walkthrough / GoPro Hero 5 & Mic Adapter Test

Have a quick walkaround of my 2010 BMW R1200GSA and see all it’s latest modifcations and accessories.

Also listen to the audio captured by the new GoPro Hero 5 using the GoPro Mic Adapter and an external microphone.


A full list of the modifications and accessories (as of today) :

  • – BMW Navigator IV Sat Nav
  • – Tyres – Metzeler Tourence
  • – Grip Puppies
  • – Cymarc R1200GSA Adventure Crud Catcher
  • – Cymarc R1200GSA Adventure Spot Light Protectors
  • – Touratech Fork Protectors
  • – Touratech Throttle Cover
  • – Wunderlich (Guard Concept) GoPro Mount
  • – Nippy Norman’s Emergency Oil Bottle for R1200GSA
  • – Wunderlich Tank Pads
  • – Wunderlich Protective Fork Stickers
  • – MachineArt Mudsling Max
  • – MachineArt Avant Fender Extender
  • – Cymarc R1200GS & R1200GSA Adventure Oil Cooler Guard
  • – Rugged Roads Rear Splash Guard
  • – Rugged Roads Centre Stand Guard
  • – Rugged Roads Headlight Guard
  • – Rugged Roads Exhaust Link Pipe Guard (Plain)
  • – Rugged Roads Frame Guards
  • – SW Motech Bags Connection Mounting Plate
  • – BMW Top Box Pads
  • – R&G Shocktube (Front)
  • – R&G Shocktube (Rear)
  • – Helicopter Tape (Front Forks)
  • – R&G Shaft Protector
  • – Yoke Protector

Irish Road Racing ‘in Danger of disappearing for good’ – a stark warning from Team Owner…

Read the full article here :

Respected team owner John Burrows says he fears the unique spectacle of Irish road racing could disappear for good unless swift action is taken to safeguard the future of the sport.

As exclusively revealed by the News Letter in January, the cost of providing insurance cover for National road races in 2017 has risen by as much as £4,500. Clubs are also facing potentially crippling excess payments, which have soared from £1,000 per claim in 2016 to £2,500 this year.

In the past week, two popular races in the Republic of Ireland – the Killalane and Kells events in North Dublin and Co Meath respectively – have been called off as a direct result of spiralling insurance premiums.

Only three races are due to go ahead in the South, including the famous Skerries 100 (July 1), Walderstown (July 9) and the Faugheen 50 meeting on July 23.

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It was only yesterday that I posted about this problem, and I mentioned the need for us all to support our local clubs, and buy programs when we go to the events.  We really need to make sure we safeguard the future of this unique sport for many more generations to come!

2017 Killalane Road Races Cancelled Due to Soaring Insurance Costs
2017 Killalane Road Races Cancelled Due to Soaring Insurance Costs

UPDATE 2: New Breitling Colt Skyracer – Pricing 

Breitling Colt Skyracer
Breitling Colt Skyracer

UPDATE 2 : Pricing is now known. Get your Breitling Colt Skyracer for £1810 (Approx $2000 or equivalent) – a Breitling bargain!  

Breitling Colt Skyracer Pricing Now Available
Breitling Colt Skyracer Pricing Now Available

UPDATE : In relation to the RRP of this watch it is unlikely any retailers will know the Price before the end of March. 

Breitling Head Office have issued a press release but gave no further information. 

This watch is due to be launched officially at BaselWorld in March and should be available from Authorised Dealers from late May (still TBC).
When I get further I will post further. 

All I can say on this one is WOW!  Haven’t found a price yet but I am looking!  I had promised myself that my next Breitling would be a Hurricane 24, now they throw this into the mix!

Taken from the Breitling Facebook Page :

Discover the new Colt Skyracer !

The new-generation Breitling

The Colt by Breitling expresses its youthful, dynamic and winning spirit in a brand-new model dedicated to thrill-seekers, with an avant-garde case in Breitlight® and an ultra-technical black look. Code name: Skyracer, like that of the plane flying under Breitling colors in the fabulous Red Bull Air Race.

More information on:

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2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities now available for 2017
Sponsorship Opportunities now available for 2017

With the turn of the new year it is time to open up the sponsorship programme again.

This is very simple and also exceptionally good value for our sponsors (Prices start from FREE!).  The sponsorship only runs until 31st December 2017 and resets itself in the new year to allow new sponsors a chance to get in.

What does it involve?  Basically you get a slot on one of my panniers – (Details below) – for you to put your company logo.

You then get your logo / brand out there everywhere my bike goes and is kitted out with the boxes.  You also get your brand / logo added to this site which attracted over 30,000 unique visitors in 2016.  Remember though that these visitors are looking for this site and it’s content.  We don’t buy visitors – our figures are genuine and only consist of people who are looking for information on what we post.  The people you want to see your branding will, as all of our visitors want to be here!

You will also get exposure via the Twitter and Facebook Pages.

Revenue generated goes back into to keep it running, up to date and to enable the addition of new content.

For more information get in touch with us via :

or via this contact form :

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All decisions on Sponsorship will be made by me – I will only endorse products that I feel to be useful / beneficial / fun and positive to this site.  I will not enter communication as to why I feel your brand / logo may not be suitable or has been unsuccessuful in being selected for inclusion in this program.  If you want to be added to the waiting list for this program then please let me know.

Kells & Killalane 2017 Road Races Cancelled…

Extracted taken from Road Racing News :

2017 Killalane Road Races Cancelled Due to Soaring Insurance Costs
2017 Killalane Road Races Cancelled Due to Soaring Insurance Costs

The Killalane Road Races, will not be taking place this year, following a decision made by event organisers Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club, who will continue to promote in 2017, the Skerries 100 scheduled to take place on the 1st of July.

With the various news in recent weeks about insurance premium’s going up for all Irish roads meeting’s, it’s fair to say quite a few people expected, the 2017 Irish roads calendar to be reduced in size.

In total this year, their will be seven Irish national meeting’s, the Cookstown 100, Tandragee 100, Kells (editted – also cancelled), Skerries 100, Walderstown, Armoy and Faugheen 50 Road Races.

Unfortunately from the time the above was writted Kells Road Racing Event has also unfortunately been cancelled – hence the strikethrough.

Screenshot taken from the Kells Road Races Facebook Page : No further statment has been issued at this time.

Kells Road Races Cancelled 2017
Kells Road Races Cancelled 2017

This is obviously horrific news and a major blow to the Irish Road Racing scene all over the island and should be seen as a harsh reality check for all spectators of the sport.

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Happy SuperBowl Sunday…

Happy Super Bowl Sunday – the one American Football match of the year that the majority of the UK also pretend to know whats happening! ?

For me, I’m going with the Atlanta Falcons for the win. 

Happy SuperBowl LI Sunday - 2017 - Falcons v Patriots
Happy SuperBowl LI Sunday – 2017 – Falcons v Patriots

UPDATE : After a bit of research it seems the Simpsons have already covered this. And as I am sure we all know the Simpsons love to predict things and on this one they predict the Patriots…

The Simpsons predict Superbowl LI Result?
The Simpsons predict Superbowl LI Result?

Time for a rethink?

RoadSkin Paranoid Hoodie – Long Term Review

Date of Purchase : June 2016

Mileage Covered : c 7000 miles

Price at Time of Purchase : £99 with armour (RRP £129)

Current Price : £129 with armour

Weblink :

RoadSkin Paranoid Hoody - Inside - Fully Lined
RoadSkin Paranoid Hoody – Inside – Fully Lined

Whilst at the Isle of Man TT Races in 2016 I called into the Roadskin pop-up store in Douglas and picked myself up a couple of bits of kit, namely a pair of their jeans and one of these hoodies.  The hoody at the time was on special offer at £99 including the armour – a saving of £30.

I had fancied such an item for quite some time.  Something lighter than the usual motorcycle jacket, something a bit more casual for when you are off the bike and something that still offered some protection.  The problem was the hoodies that I had seen seemed to offer two out of my three requirements, the one that seemed to be always missed was the protection – probably the only one that actually matters!

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