iOS 10.3 is out with Find My AirPods, Apple File System and more

iOS10.3 Released Today
iOS10.3 Released Today

Apple released iOS 10.3 to the public today after completion of beta testing the new software. iOS 10.3 can be downloaded now as an over-the-air update, or installed via iTunes. iPhone and iPad owners can expect a rash of new features that not only make iPhone and iPad easier to use, but also more secure.

Apple ID profile :

In iOS 10.3, the Settings app gains a new profile section that lets you access you Apple ID profile information. The page shows all the Apple devices you’ve used to sign in. It also displays the iPhone owner’s contact info, security settings, iCloud, App Store settings, payment information and more.

iOS10.3 Settings Profile Section
iOS10.3 Settings Profile Section

Find My AirPods :

Keeping track of Apple’s tiny AirPods is now as easy as pulling up the Find My iPhone app. AirPod owners can use the new tool to make the earbuds blast a loud sound so they can hunt them down. The feature only works from the last iPhone or iPad that was connected to the AirPods.

iCloud storage :

You can now see how much iCloud storage you’re using by visiting the iCloud settings page. The new section gives users a graphical breakdown of how much storage is being used and by what type of files.

Podcasts widget :

You can now add a widget for Podcasts to your Spotlight search screen.

CarPlay :

IOS10.3 CarPlay
IOS10.3 CarPlay

Some small changes were made to the CarPlay user interface. Three icons on the left side now show the most recently used apps. The Maps app also displays EV charging stations.

Apple File System :

iOS 10.3 switches iPhone and iPad users to the Apple File System, which provides stronger encryption and is optimized for NAND flash storage. (Find out more: Everything you need to know about the new Apple File System.)

Transition animation changes :

Apple made a very tiny tweak to the transition animation between apps. Apps now have more rounded edges when they open and close.

Weather in Maps :

iPhone owners with a 3D Touch device can hard-press on the new weather icon in the Maps app to view forecasts for a specific area.

So that all looks great, right?  But please, please, please before you go frantically looking for the update, make sure your iDevice is backed up.  The new file structure is a huge change so protect your data and precious photos before you make the jump.  (I have done it and it went smoothly – but don’t lean on that, it’s better to have the back up and not need it, that need it and not have it.)


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