2017 International North West 200 (NW200) Thursday 11th May 2017 Race Results

Internation North West 200 2017
International North West 200 2017

Thursday Night traditionally brings 3 races to open the events actual racing.  It is a pleasure to say this year the Thursday Night passed without incident, all 3 races getting off on time, to their full duration and a cracking evenings racing, marred only by the crash involving John McGuinnes earlier in the days Superbike Session.

Here are the results of the first three races of the 2017 International North West 200!

Internation North West 200 2017
International North West 200 2017


1 M Jessopp (Triumph) 28m 00.796s;

2 I Hutchinson (Yamaha) +0.772s;

3 J Hillier (Kawasaki) +1.229s;

4 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +1.461s;

5 L Johnston (Honda) +1.835s;

6 W Dunlop (Yamaha) +3.302s;

7 M Dunlop (Yamaha) +3.732s;

8 J Cowton (Kawasaki) +11.571s.

Fastest lap: Harrison 116.423mph



1 A Seeley (BMW) 26m 22.328s;

2 L Johnston (BMW) +12.623s;

3 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +14.801s;

4 I Hutchinson (BMW) +32.001s;

5 M Jessopp (BMW) +32.209s;

6 J Hillier (Kawasaki) +49.101s;

7 D Sheils (Suzuki) +49.486s;

8 W Dunlop (Yamaha) +1m 11.200s.

New lap record: Seeley 122.898mph



1 M Jessopp (Kawasaki) 19m 33.052s;

2 M Rutter (Kawasaki) +0.848s;

3 I Lintin (Kawasaki) +15.573s;

4 D Cooper (Kawasaki) +18.060s;

5 D Sheils (Kawasaki) +32.809s;

6 A McLean (Kawasaki) +36.386s;

7 J Cowton (Kawasaki) +43.849s;

8 C Elkin (Kawasaki) +1m 00.080s.

New lap record: Jessopp 110.423mph

(What a race this was the lap record fell twice, firstly to Michael Rutter that was enough to gee Martin Jessop along a little who thought, hmmmm I think I’ll actually be having that record.

It was a great nights racing!  Let’s keep the fingers crossed for more of the same on Saturday!


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