Tandragee 100 Road Races Photo Gallery : 22nd April 2017

So not too many photographs from me from this meeting, for two reasons, the first being a bit of a gripe of mine of an otherwise awesome meeting – The Grandstand.

I paid for a seat in the Grandstand just after the Start / Finish and had a cracking view up the road, until they over filled it and then everyone stood in front of the seats so this is the view I had from the Grandstand…

Tandragee 100 - The Grandstand - But where is the track?
Tandragee 100 – The Grandstand – But where is the track?

Just by way of comparison here is the view I should have had, the view I did have before they decided to put more people in and not put them on a seat in the Grandstand – it surely to goodness defeats the purpose!

Please Tandragee 100 – if you read this regulate the Grandstand – make it fair for everyone, it was the only negative I could mention from an otherwise great event – and I wasn’t the only one it affected.

Tandragee 100 - How the view should have been!
Tandragee 100 – How the view should have been!

Secondly – the camera is new and it was a steep learning curve.  It’s a Superzoom Panasonic TZ80 and getting the shutter speed sorted out was more difficult than on my previous model.

So just a small gallery – but some nice shots of the Classics, a few shots of the bigger bikes but then my view was ruined and I moved to somewhere I could actually watch the racing, but it wasn’t great for any more photos.

Tandragee 100 22nd April 2017 Race Gallery :

 photo P1020781_zpsgkgulkgk.jpg photo P1020782_zpsvpwwz36e.jpg photo P1020783_zpsmthlhkst.jpg
 photo P1020784_zpsiwjjbfxj.jpg photo P1020785_zpsd3a6vxaf.jpg photo P1020786_zpsxqoyhuoq.jpg
 photo P1020787_zpscqthgztr.jpg photo P1020788_zpsyhlt5ulz.jpg photo P1020789_zpsfmp2mndf.jpg
 photo P1020790_zpsvt2whbtu.jpg photo P1020791_zps0hnny2cs.jpg photo P1020792_zpszwbvojzh.jpg
 photo P1020793_zps79zagqlp.jpg photo P1020794_zpsxhdowdpm.jpg photo P1020795_zpsmrbp3tpq.jpg
 photo P1020797_zps719mri7n.jpg photo P1020799_zpssv20ao3c.jpg photo P1020800_zpsgea2pvc8.jpg
 photo P1020801_zpsi5goezk5.jpg photo P1020802_zpsenouyvnc.jpg photo P1020803_zpssz40yqt7.jpg
 photo P1020804_zpssdg4uixw.jpg photo P1020805_zps3n9clhec.jpg photo P1020806_zpsk8osexdj.jpg
 photo P1020807_zpslfy9dztf.jpg photo P1020808_zpss1btrsjc.jpg photo P1020809_zpsti9eoxsd.jpg
 photo P1020810_zpspj3j0flx.jpg photo P1020811_zpslgq2wg8c.jpg photo P1020813_zpsdmxzjfno.jpg
 photo P1020814_zpsuqogczwt.jpg photo P1020815_zps1oxm5n49.jpg photo P1020818_zpsjbgsrblu.jpg


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