Terlicko: Horst Saiger takes Superbike Success

Horst Saiger sums up his weekend rather perfectly on his twitter account : 

Horst Saiger took a hat trick of victories at the 2017 Terlicko Road Races, winning the feature Superbike race on his IXS /Swiss Moto ZX-10RR Kawasaki with a massive 22 seconds to spare in the 10 lap race. 
Terlicko – Superbike Race Results:

  1. Horst Saiger
  2. Petr Biciste
  3. Marek Cerveny
  4. Pawel Szkopek
  5. Xavier Denis
  6. Tomas Borovka
  7. Jozef Jezovica
  8. Ales Nechvatal
  9. Martin Suchacek
  10. Robert Heitzinger
  11. Adi Wohlwend
  12. Marek Stibor
  13. Jiri Petrla
  14. Tomas Myslivecek
  15. Stefan Holz
  16. Vladimir Vlcek
  17. Martin Kowal
  18. Martin Reznicek
  19. Bronislav Stas
  20. Martin Klich
  21. Zdenek Sedlak
  22. Jiri Mika
Horst Saiger takes 3 at the 2017 Terlicko Road Races
Horst Saiger takes 3 at the 2017 Terlicko Road Races

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