Derek Sheils Out of 2017 Armoy Races

I’m not going to comment on this one, just the facts…

No doubt though, not having Derek Sheils is a big loss to any event, he has been ripping the tarmac to bits this year!

Statement from Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club:

“It is with much regret that the Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club has confirmed that Derek Sheils will not be riding in the Armoy Road Races at the weekend.

“Derek cannot attend practice on Friday due to personal commitments and the Club cannot allow someone to carry out their statutory requirement of five practice laps on Saturday between races.

“Grid positions for Saturday’s races are placed on Friday night. Some of the races are already oversubscribed and there are only 27 spaces on the grid. There will be non-qualifying races run to cater for this. Some 20 entries were also returned post the closing date for entries.

“It would be extremely unfair to other riders to try and slot in one rider. The Club is a big fan of Derek Sheils but sadly practice laps cannot take place on the Saturday.” Sheils has replied himself : have a few well known others : course there is then the other side of the coin…

Is there still hope though?

Derek Sheils Out Of Armoy
Derek Sheils Out Of Armoy? anything changes rest assured I will keep you updated…


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