Apple iPhone X – Release Date 3rd November but eBay is Already Flooded! They

The iPhone X has only just been announced, preorders have not even started and the phone won’t be in the public domain until 3rd November 2017.

However the scammers and scalpers eBay resellers are already out in full force on eBay.

The iPhone X is already being listed on eBay at hugely inflated prices and the concerning thing is people are bidding on them!

Not only that scalpers resellers are selling multiples. How? They are going to queue up with their scalper friends and scalper family and hope for the best. They do not have early access. They are not special customers. They are scalpers. Pure and simple.

Firstly such sales are against eBay’s policies :

The problem the scalpers face at the moment is they can not guarantee postage within 30 days. That may change come 4th October 2017 as they will then be in the 30 day range.

It is questionable how they will be able to guarantee one though? I doubt Apple are selling their stock off to eBay scum sellers resellers.

Secondly – This happens every year and every year people buy of these scalpers resellers.

What can we do?

Most importantly – don’t buy from them. The phone is not a limited edition. It will not sell out and never be reproduced.

Apple want to make money.

Making phones makes them money.

Therefore they will make as many phones as they can sell. They will get these phones into the market as quickly as possible. So just be patient.

If we buy off the of the scalpers resellers then they will continue to do this every year.

All that needs to happen is a load of opportunistic scalpers resellers are left with a £1300 phone that they don’t want or have the means to pay for as they have maxed out their credit card trying to rip others off. Justice right there.

Secondly – At this moment and until about 4th October we have an option to get these items taken off eBay as they are breaching selling terms and conditions by offering a presage that can not be delivered in the next 30 days nor can such delivery be guaranteed.

All you have to do is click on the item for sale then click on ‘Report Item’ :

Then fill in the drop down boxes (the options are the same on mobile and desktop browsers) :

That’s it. Listing Practices – Inappropriate Seller Terms – Presale.

You will then get a confirmation :

eBay won’t tell you how your Report went but if you ‘Watch’ the item and it suddenly becomes unavailable you will know the item has been removed.

So now everyone bidding will be informed that their bids have been cancelled and the item removed. Would you go back to the same seller? Hopefully they don’t either.

These scalpers resellers are easy to identify their ‘Feedback is ridiculously low and they seem to have unbelievable access to Apple preorders. Don’t be fooled. They are not special customers, VIPs, Exclusives, Press… they are not. They are scalpers.

Don’t buy from them, they will continue to do this as long as people continue to buy at crazy inflated prices.

Be patient and wait. Apple are currently churning out 10,000 iPhone X per day. You will get yours and you will get it at RRP.

Thankfully eBay are taking affirmative action and hopefully will continue to do so…


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