Whatsapp Scam : Text Message States Subscription has Expired – Click Link and Pay 99p for Lifetime Subscription – Don’t Click – Don’t Pay

Whatsapp Scam Text Message
Whatsapp Scam Text Message

This scam has been about before and is actually quite clever as previously you could have paid 99p for a Lifetime of Whatsapp (or a year depending when you joined), but since 2016 Whatsapp has been free and still is!

So don’t click the link and don’t pay!  This is an attempt by scammers to harvest payment details and no doubt rip you off further.  Just press delete.  

Don’t give it another thought – this is a scam full stop.  Delete it, ignore and keep enjoying your Whatsapp.

Oh and on this instance the message was sent to my phone number as a regular Text Message not even as a Whatsapp Message – why would Whatspp do that.  Think about it then forget it, happy that you still have your 99p and more importantly that you haven’t given this scum your bank details!

The wording of the message is : 

Your subscription has expired. To verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription for just 0.99 GBP simply tap on this link [LINK REMOVED]

Whatsapp Scam Text Message
Whatsapp Scam Text Message



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