10/06/2018 – Statement Issued by William Dunlop

10/06/2018 – Statement Issued by William Dunlop :

William Dunlop at the 2018 Isle of Man TT Races
William Dunlop at the 2018 Isle of Man TT Races

“I just thought I would put a few words down about my recent withdrawal from 2018 TT races as I have a lot of good people around me and I felt this is something that needed addressed.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all my sponsors, not one of them made me feel like I had to do anything I didn’t want to nor did they ask my issues – it’s good to have people helping me like this and it’s much appreciated.

Also a big thanks to everyone for their kind messages, I really can’t believe the support people have given me.

It has been a difficult few weeks but things have made a turn for the better for myself and Janine, we are expecting a second baby but unfortunately, we received terrible news at our 20 week scan and were referred to a specialist. While I was on the island Janine had to deal with everything herself and was attending the hospital appointments and scans herself while I was away.

My head wasn’t in the races and my thoughts were always at what was happening at home. My family will always come first so I made the decision to come home.

We received positive news this weekend and everything is now appearing to be normal so after months of uncertainty we now finally feel that we can enjoy this time and get excited for a new addition.

There are still additional scans and meetings with consultants to attend but things are looking so much better for us as a family.

I have a few weeks to rest my body and recover from NW200 crash and also think about my future, I will sit with my sponsors in time and see where we all stand.

Thanks again,


It’s great to see things are looking more positive for William moving forward and I look forward to seeing him back tearing up the roads soon, however, at the same time I fully respect whatever decision he comes to and family must always come first.

Good luck William!

Original Press Release from William Dunlop Racing : http://www.williamdunlopracing.co.uk/statement-from-william-dunlop/


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