Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Pre-Order Problems : Do NOT Buy from the eBay Scalpers!

Say NO to the eBay Scalpers. It is the only way to beat them.
Say NO to the eBay Scalpers. It is the only way to beat them.

Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Pre-Order Problems: If you are a keen gamer there is a good chance you found yourself in the position hundreds of us found ourselves yesterday and today.  That is without a Sony Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Console.

  • What is a Sony Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition?

Basically it is a special edition Playstation 4 Pro that celebrates the fact that Sony have now sold 500,000,000 Playstation consoles.  They have limited this edition to a mere 50,000 units globally making it actually pretty limited.  Limited of course means desirable to gamers, and unfortunately desirable to gamers means desirable to scalpers, or as I will refer to them from this point onwards – scumbags.

  • What’s so special about it?

To be honest thats a difficult question.  You can regularly and easily pick up a PS4 Pro for about £300 in a bundle.  This edition is £450, but comes with a camera, an upgraded 2TB hard drive and is housed in an awesome looking translucent blue case, each one individually numbered.  If you don’t understand the appeal then this probably isn’t the article for you and you’d be best just moving on to the next one.  If you do get it, or at least think you get it, have a look at this – I’m sure you will agree it is special!

  • How do you get a Sony Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition?

Unfortunately at this point you don’t.  The console was ridiculously limited.  50,000 units worldwide.  No one knows how many each country gets, but obviously not many.  The console went on pre-sale on Tuesday 14th August 2018 at 10:00am UK time and that is when the problems started.

Sony PS4 20th Anniversary Edition
Sony PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

If you remember the last debacle of a limited edition Sony Playstation 4 (the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition) you will remember that Sony aren’t really great with the whole allocation of units to people.

I posted about it in December 2014 : 

I (and others) made complaints to the ASA, which were upheld against and Sony

This time I think it is only fair to point out that neither Game nor Sony are in anyway responsible.  Sony announced the release, this time a simple product sale would take place from the release date and time, no stupid competition that could be hacked, no stupid winning the chance to buy.

Unfortunately the results have been the same!  Chaos.  Just as the scumbags (scalpers) were able to hack the competition for the 20th Anniversary Edition they swooped in and bought up everything they could then threw it onto the scalpers’ paradise – eBay.

Again it is difficult to blame eBay, but Ticketmaster this week took steps to prevent scumbags reselling tickets by shutting down two of their reseller sites.  So personally I think it is time eBay stepped up and prevented the sale of preorders at inflated RRPs.  In fact the selling of new items past their RRP, whilst obviously morally questionable should be looked at by eBay in general.  

Obviously items may increase in value, but buying preorders to sell on is not good practice, and really should not be encouraged.

PS4 Pro 500 Million Edition
PS4 Pro 500 Million Edition
  • So what’s the problem?

From above promo material you can see this console is for the players that made the PS brand the success it is today. You have to hand it to the marketing team,because along with their hashtag #4ThePlayers Sony know how to get the Playstation users on board.  So they should – the Playstation is without doubt the game changer, the Daddy, the console other consoles aspire to be, and that causes issues on events like the launch of this Limited Edition Console.  

The Playstation users are a dedicated bunch, that works to Sony’s advantage by making them loads of money, which we Players can deal with, but also making the scumbags money, which we can’t and shouldn’t have to deal with!

The problem is far too many of these consoles were snatched up by scumbags and are already on eBay at hugely inflated prices.  I won’t link to any of them as the purpose of this post is to highlight the problems the scumbags cause, and not to send them more potential customers.

eBay PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Listings 16/08/2018
eBay PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Listings 16/08/2018
eBay PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Listings 16/08/2018
eBay PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Listings 16/08/2018

And there are dozens more listings like this and unfortunately people are bidding on them.  Those people are the Gamers that this machine is meant to being saying ‘Cheers’ to.

This is the problem!

  • How did this happen?

A comedy of errors!  Amazon initially let their allocation go up for public sale well before the 10:00am release time as dictated by Sony (at about 02:30am) on 14th August 2018.  Sony then slapped their wrist and Amazon had to cancel all preorders made on the 14th.  All of them.  During this preorder the scumbags had also started their filth and had placed multiple orders for multiple consoles.  Amazon then stated they would only allow one console per person and would re-release their allocation at 10:00 am on 15th August 2018.

At the same time Currys / PC World massively oversold their allocation, as did Smyths Very and Zavvi.  The result was that hundreds maybe thousands of customers of these stores started receiving their cancellation emails during the course of 14th into the 15th August 2018.  By overselling units people thought that they had got their console when the hadn’t and therefore lost the chance to pre-order elsewhere and secure a unit elsewhere.

The only people that seemed to get it right were Game, ShopTo and the GameCollection – so far anyway.

So this absolute calamity caused by the retailers (who are or should be big enough to get it right) then caused a ripple effect – demand went through the roof and the scumbags put their Sky Plus on Pause during Jeremy Kyle to get onto Amazon for their second attempt at running a preorder on 15th August 2018 and snapped up even more.

Amazon couldn’t even get their 10:00am ‘Preorder’ button online and you would only have found the console for sale by Amazon through the ‘Other Sellers’ option.  By the time they actually had their website working properly the units were gone and listed on eBay.  The Gamers lose out again.

Then they (Amazon) didn’t even know what went wrong.  They started claiming another technical difficulty.  Stating that their engineers were aware and were fixing it and it would be sorted within the hour.  Then it would be sorted within one to eight hours.  Then – get this – there was never a technical problem, that that advisor was telling you incorrectly – but it’s ok they are going to offer advice to them to make sure they only deliver accurate advice in the future – SHAKE MY HEAD!  (I have the chat logs to prove this).

So there you have it – retailers mess it up – people start to panic, scumbags start to rub their hands and then you have eBay full of consoles that true gamers want in their collection.  People start to pay over the odds.  The already limited numbers of the console push those prices up even more and gamers start to bid against each other.  Prices go up even more.

  • What should we do?

Absolutely nothing.  Do not buy from them!  That is our only option to stop this sort of behaviour.  One such scumbag on hotukdeals called the people he was targeting in his sale as ‘idiots‘ – unfortunately their comment and my retort(s) have been deleted (and I got a warning for arguing) but it shows what these scumbags think of the people (gamers) they are targeting.

At the moment hype is high – super high.  It is making people pay crazy money for a console that of course is limited and superb looking.  

It will have value in the future, but truthfully how much?  Breathe in and step back for a moment and think about it.  In 10 years time what will it be worth?

 80,000,000 Playstation 4s have been sold.  That’s a lot.  How much is this one likely to be worth?  By that stage we will be onPlaystation 5, the 6 will be in the press on what to expect.  The Limited Edition PS4 will just be a cool looking PS4.  Look what has come and gone before it.  You could get a PS1 now for a tenner, same with a PS2.  A NES has a bit of value, maybe £100 at most for something mint in the box?

I recently bought an iMac, an original one – it turns 20 this year.  A proper design icon – it is in museums for goodness sake.  It cost me £40 and works flawlessly.

The same applies here – this will not increase in value like a Rolex.  It won’t even increase in value like some Lego sets.  Of course it will always have a higher value that a bog standard PS4 – but that’s where this story ends.

All you have to do is look at the 20th Anniversary Edition.  It was selling for thousands of pounds in the immediate sell out panic.  It is now selling for about £500 – £600 still sealed.

If you really want one – calm down and wait they will come down again.  

Remember the scumbags who bought these don’t actually want them.  So let them throw £1500 at three units and have their cash tied up.  They need that £1500 much more than you need the expendable income you have for your gaming.  

These aren’t big traders.  

They are dirt birds who took a chance to try and treble or quadruple their money.  They are the epitome of the human condition : greed.

I’d be confident it is money they don’t have and that it is money they will want back soon enough.

 Let’s be honest do you think a Wall Street Banker is going to fussed enough too have to buy three of these, keep the eBay listing live (maybe for years – see the 20th Anniversary listing that have been online since 2014) and arrange the couriers etc?  Of course not.  

These scumbags are probably sitting in their Y-Fronts watching Jeremy Kyle (no offence Mr Kyle) – on the dole, sitting in a house you and I are paying for and the child tax credits are now invested in three Playstation 4s.

It is only by people like you and I – the real gamers – not buying from these scumbags will this scalping stop.  So let them tie up their money, we will still be gaming tomorrow but the message will get across that it just isn’t worth the effort.  

If we don’t stop and continue to buy of the scum they will continue to scalp (remember the human condition of greed) and the same thing will happen with every limited edition.

The Ticket Touts are getting beaten – its time all scalping scum bags were targeted.

Have a think about it before you bow down to their behaviour and line their already scummy pockets.

Game on!


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