Apple TV+ 1 Year Free Trial Not Showing Up?

Apple TV+ launched on 1st November 2019, and if you purchased an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch or Mac (iMac, MacBook Air / Pro, iMac etc) after 10th September 2019 then you will be eligible for an Apple TV+ 1 Year Free Trial!

NOTE : You only have a limited time to take up this offer. I believe that limited time is 3 months so do not hang about too long.

However some users are reporting that when they go into their Apple TV app on their device it seems to only be offering 7 days of a trial – then the billing starts at £4.99 / month.

There is a very easy work around for this issue (I was one such user who experienced this).

Apple TV+ 1 Year Free
Apple TV+ 1 Year Free

Simply open a desktop web browser

(if you are using your device and don’t have access to a desktop / laptop then I recommend using Google Chrome – as using Safari will open the Apple TV app – which is where your problem stems)

Navigate to and log in using your Apple ID.

Apple TV+ 1 Year Free
Apple TV+ 1 Year Free

You will get the Apple TV+ 1 Year Free offer now and you should accept it – it is a year free after all.

Finally on your device (iPhone, iPod, iPad etc) sign out of the Apple TV app, close it down, then restart the Apple TV app and sign in. 

Woohoo! Your Apple TV+ 1 Year Free Trial will be on your account – remember, if you use Family Sharing all your Family Group members will get the free year too.

Apple TV+ Subscriptions
Apple TV+ Subscriptions

Two points should be noted here :

  1. Do not cancel – as you can see above, if you cancel it you loose it. Just set a reminder on your phone to go off a few days before the year is out. You can then enjoy the content worry free safe in the knowledge that if 362 days time you don’t want to keep Apple TV+ you will be able to easily cancel your subscription.
  2. If you decide to subscribe then paying upfront for a year will save you about 17%.

You can check your subscriptions and instantly cancel (you may want this in a year or so) by by going to the Account section of the TV app from there navigate to Manage Subscriptions -> ‌Apple TV‌+.  You can also choose to pay monthly or annually at this point.

Apple TV+ Subscriptions
Apple TV+ Subscriptions

Enjoy your subscription to Apple TV+

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