Road Racing is now Affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Stay Up to Date

2020 Road Racing Events Postponed
2020 Road Racing Events Postponed

Sporting and public events are already being affected by the Corona Virus (Covid-19) and more restrictions are likely to follow.

The TBNI Road Racing Calendar will be updated as soon as new information comes to light so make sure you are subscribed to that :

You will also find new information as soon as it is available through the TBNI Facebook Page and TBNI Twitter Feed. So Follow those also.

Most importantly stay safe in these worrying times, don’t panic, toilet roll will still be available, and look after those most vulnerable in our society and that help may mean staying away for a week or two. Follow the advice of the doctors and scientists and remember Facebook experts appear at every big event, good or bad. There are FB virologists now, when the Six Nations is on every one is a rugby pundit, World Cup – football tactician, Cricket – remembers the Ashes when…blah, blah, blah – listen to those actually in the know, follow their advice and stay safe.

As of 14th March 2020 the Cookstown 100 was the first event to announce its postponement in an official statement :

2020 Cookstown 100 Postponed
2020 Cookstown 100 Postponed

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