2020 Cookstown 100 Spectator Information :

2020 Cookstown 100 Provisional Dates
2020 Cookstown 100 Provisional Dates

2020 Cookstown 100 Spectator Information :

It has been a busy 24 hrs for the Cookstown 100 Team and following the announcement in relation to competitors we now have further news in relation to spectators and how getting a ticket for the 2020 Cookstown 100 will work.

The following has been released (24th June 2020) in relation to spectating at this years scheduled event :


As previously announced, Cookstown 100 will be run as a closed event this year and will have to run with limited numbers of spectators allowed to be present at the event, whilst this will not please everyone, it is the only possible way in which the event will be allowed to be ran and we ask that such decision is respected as it is not within the club power to over turn this decision!

From today spectators can make use of our online booking system to obtain packages as follows for the event.

2 day package which includes – A programme with a wristband attached, club badge plus postage – £25

1 day Friday package which includes – A programme with a Friday wristband attached plus postage – £17.50

1 day Saturday package which includes – A programme with a Saturday wristband attached plus postage – £17.50

For those who wish to purchase a programme but do not wish to attend, these can also be purchased for £17.50 which includes postage.

Kids under 13 will not be charged when accompanied by an adult. We do ask for numbers of kids attending when booking.


There is a very limited amount of spectators allowed,and the online booking system is on a first come first served basis, so it is up to public to secure their packages as the club cannot issue any further when the numbers are reached. Nor will any member of the club reserve any of the above packages for anyone.

To book any of the above packages, go to PayPal and make purchase through sending payment to cookstown100@hotmail.com and using friend option.

Please verify which package you whish to purchase ie. 1day Friday package or 1 day Saturday package at time of purchase, please confirm your name and address also at time of purchase. 

When the programmes are printed, all packages will be sent out in August to everyone who has purchased and booked online.

Online purchases to book you spot is available from today.


The following important announcement / amendment has also been released :

2020 Cookstown 100 Spectator Information
2020 Cookstown 100 Spectator Information

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