Iron Butt Association Ireland 2019 Photo Rally : Going Underground

Iron Butt Association Ireland 2019 Photo Rally :

Iron Butt Association Ireland 2019 Photo Rally
Iron Butt Association Ireland 2019 Photo Rally

You Still Have Time to Enter the 2020 Event :

I know the 2020 IBA Ireland Photo Rally is already, sort of, underway however with the current travel restrictions in place it is likely that most entrants and would be / will be participants haven’t got too far into the competition, yet.

However that is all about to change because as of 29th June 2020 Ireland will enter Phase 3 of it’s Coronavirus Recovery schedule and as such all travel restrictions within the island of Ireland will be lifted, enabling the 2020 IBA Ireland Photo Rally to get well and truly underway.

Entries are being accepted for the 2020 until 31st July 2020 – so you still have time :

2020 Coronavirus Restrictions : Ireland & Northern Ireland :

You can check any restrictions currently in place in the Republic of Ireland here :

Northern Ireland Restrictions can be found here :

I have previously posted the 2019 IBA Ireland Photo Rally Slideshow in the Motorcycling Section of the site but in case you missed it I am mentioning it again.

So if you are undecided and in order to wet your appetite have a look at where the 2019 Iron Butt Association Ireland Photo Rally would have taken you…

Iron Butt Association Ireland 2019 Photo Rally :

The 2019 IBA Ireland Photo Rally focused on the history mining in Ireland and took you to 15 points spread across the island, covering many thousands of miles.

Of course this photo rally has finished, but if it is something that you would like to do, you can still find the points right here :

I have put together a slideshow of the points visited on the 2019 Photo Rally, please enjoy…

(The GPS co-ordinates are also included in the reference of each photo should anything happen to the linked Google map)

Iron Butt Association Ireland

2020 will be my third IBA Ireland Photo Rally, in 2018 it was all about Bridges. You can find out more information about that Rally and the points visited (including GPS coordinates and another Google map) here :

At this rate you will not get bored looking for places to visit in Ireland!

Iron Butt Association :

If you would any further information on the Iron Butt Association please follow the links below. You don’t need to be a member of the IBA to enter the Irish Photo Rallies, but completing one of the verified rides is a great achievement and if long distance motorcycling is something you enjoy then completing one of their rides is something I can easily recommend.

(I have completed the Circuit of Ireland twice – you can read more about those trips here :

Check out out the IBA Website here :

Check out the IBA Ireland Website here :

Check out the IBA UK Website here :


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