Hyperion Sports Kit Spray : Review

Hyperion Sports Kit Spray : Review

In February 2020 I bought myself a new helmet as a sort of ‘me to me’ birthday present. As a child of the 80s when the latest colourways for the Shoei NXR were announced I knew what my next lid was going to be…

Shoei NXR Zork

More will follow on the Shoei NXR Zork, including an unboxing gallery and why I have moved away from Arai, but I will hold off until I have actually completed some miles with it. As yet I have completed zero miles, because shortly after buying this lid the world basically went into Covid-19 Lockdown.

But as we slowly started to move out of lockdown and get back to a bit of biking I thought I would get the Shoei NXR Zork ready.

But what do you mean ‘ready?’ It’s a helmet, surely it comes ready, you just put it on your head and secure it under your chin, right?

Well, you could, but a few years ago I added another step to getting my kit ready and that is Hyperion Sports Spray.

This is not an affiliate post, I was not asked to write a review, I purchased this spray myself, and have been using it for a number of years. I am simply sharing my experience and hopefully spreading a little knowledge in relation to the product.

Hyperion Sports Spray is a spray that you apply to your kit and it then spends the rest of its time killing bacteria and germs and keeping you and your kit fresh.

Hyperion S Hygiene Spray
Hyperion S Hygiene Spray

Hopefully you will have had a look at the product’s webpage and now know that it is designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and odours. Obviously all of that is good, but for bikers and helmet wearers I’m sure we can agree that the eliminating odours is the one that affects us most.

As a bald man I can assure you that when it gets hot the sponge and padding of my helmet is not a pleasant place to be. With sweat comes odours. It’s just part of life, but part of life that we want to keep under control and that’s where Hyperion Sports Spray changed how I wash and treat my gear.

I first bought a bottle a few years ago and tried it on my then current helmet. It was already a year or two old, and the linings had been washed previously. I got the spray, removed the lining and gave it a spray. Everything was put back together and left to dry. The next time I used the lid you could smell the Hyperion product, it wasn’t pungent, it did have a bit of a smell, but it was fresh. No issues. Soon enough there was no smell, nothing.

That’s the way it stayed. No smell, ever again. The lid was always fresh. Even after another 15,000 miles including trips to Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and France – some in really hot weather – the same outcome – no smell. It just works, and I was sold.

I bought another couple of bottles and have since done my trousers, back protector, knee guards and jacket.

Even when feeling the heat the jacket and back protector have stayed odourless. The knee protectors have stayed odourless. It is great.

So fast forward to the new helmet…

The instructions from the website could not be easier to follow :


  • 1. Make sure item is clean and dry
  • 2. Spray on internal absorbent surfaces until damp
  • 3. Allow item to dry before using or wearing
  • Bad odour trapped in the fabric may linger for 24 hours. Thereafter, the bad odour will virtually disappear and providing proper hygiene is maintained, bad odour should not be a problem.

The lining and padding were taken out, and sprayed. It was dried and put back together. Job done.

Hyperion S Hygiene Spray
Hyperion S Hygiene Spray
Hyperion S Hygiene Spray
Hyperion S Hygiene Spray

There you have it. One brand new helmet given some long term bacterial, viral, fungal and odour protection. So every time I put the helmet on I know there will be no nasty wiffs or surprises.

It is easy for me to recommend Hyperion Sports Spray.

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