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Site Update : TBNI.Blog is now secure.

Truthfully this means very little for our user base as TBNI.Blog does not collect any of your personal data, nor do you have to register to visit or use the site.

However we have now secured the website using SSL – so when you browse you will notice that the ‘secure’ icon on your browser of choice will be displayed in the address bar – and that the address will commence ‘https://’

It should never be ‘http://’

A full site wide redirect is also in place so should you have previously visited the non-secured website then you will automatically be redirected to the secure site.

Anyway, you have to do nothing but isn’t it good to know that your browsing of TBNI.Blog is now safer – and just for information make sure you never enter any personal / payment data on any site that has not been secured.

TBNI.Blog SSL Report
TBNI.Blog SSL Report

If you are curious of what to look for to make sure that you are using a secure site then the images below may be useful. These images show the Safari and Chrome browsers and have the secure icons highlighted to make it easier to show you what you need to see to ensure that the site you are using is secured.

Never use a site that is not secure to make a purchase that requires you enter any personal / payment information. Ever!

(This image is for reference only – it is taken prior to TBNI.Blog getting SSL Secured – you won’t see that here anymore!)

How to Identify a Secure Site on Safari and Chrome :

iOS Safari :

Desktop Safari :

Chrome :


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