Nike Fuel Band… 9 months on!

So it has been 9 months since I got my Nike Fuel Band and I have been using it regularly ever since.

In fact for 8 months it pretty much never left my wrist, however for this last month it hasn’t even been close to my wrist!

And I will state from the start that is not the fault of the fuel band.

So forgetting the past few weeks that I haven’t been wearing the Fuel Band what are my opinions?

Simply put this is a great device, it makes you set a goal to achieve an amount of Nike Fuel, which isn’t any real measurable unit, people think it is calories, it is not, others think it is steps, again it isn’t. It is Nike Fuel. Nike would tell you this is a figure that takes into account your movement throughout the day and converts it into Nike’s own unit, the ‘Fuel.’

So you set your limit, I set mine at 3,000 Nike Fuel Units in a day. It took me a few days to come to this figure, but for me it means that a normal working day won’t hit this value, for me to hit it I have to go out and do a run or a long walk.

A value of 2000 I could hit just by getting up and going to work, so I set it high enough that some actual exercise had to occur for me to hit it.

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Coming Soon…Thoughts / Review Nike Fuel Band.

I have just purchased myself a Nike+ Fuel Band, with the thoughts that it will inspire me to get out and get fit.

I will therefore be posting my thoughts on it soon, I have only been rocking with it for a day and half so I will give it a bit of time, for me to use it and see the best ways to work with it, and will get back to you when I have had a good play with it.

Nike+ Fuel Band Review Coming Soon!
Nike+ Fuel Band Review Coming Soon!