Euro 2012 – Congratulations Spain

Congratulation to Spain, Euro 2012 Champions (and World Cup 2010 Champions, and Euro 2008 Champions).

An epic 4-0 win over Italy in a game that they just outclassed the runners-up!

Well played Spain, I’,m gonna put £20 on you doing another double and making it 5/5!

Even the Spanish fans looked well!
Even the Spanish fans looked well!

And so Euro 2012 begins

The Euro 2012 Championships start today and it will be a full on couple of weeks of football. A great way to get through the summer void. So make sure you follow my twitter for all my tips and thoughts on the Championships as they develop.

Enjoy the tournament and my first tip is the hosts Poland to beat Greece. Currently at evens on Bet365 it seems a decent chance to double up.

So when I logged into my account I had the princely sum of £8.33. Lol. So let’s see if I can make it grow. All of it is on Poland. So fingers crossed or I’ll bust out on the opening day. Ha!