2020 Ulster Grand Prix Cancelled

2019 Ulster Grand Prix
2020 Ulster Grand Prix Cancelled :

2020 Ulster Grand Prix Cancelled :

Probably the least shocking cancellation of 2020 has been officially announced this morning. The 2020 UGP has been cancelled.

A few short weeks ago before Covid-19 started savaging the planet expotientially road racing was in trouble, but the calendar was still full, one major event though was in absolute jeopardy – the 2020 Ulster Grand Prix. A press release from early February 2020 had pretty much confirmed that there would be no 2020 event without actually stating it.

Just a Though :

Obviously we all currently face a much larger beast than the thought of no 2020 Ulster Grand Prix, but when the 2020 Coronavirus is retired (hopefully soon) to the history books, we need to remember and learn what had happened previously re the UGP, and not just assign to history that it didn’t happen because of the global pandemic.

Let’s be candid – there was no chance of there being a 2020 Ulster Grand Prix. The event was in real trouble before this cancellation and let’s all hope that this sabbatical gives it the chance to rise from the flames. However, moving forward we still have to learn so that once the world heals the road racing world can continue also. Road racing events need to be supported, but they can not rely on program sales alone. The UGP system failed, so not only does the amount of money coming in need to increase but the cash flowing out needs to be reduced. If not, in 2021 there will be another post relating to the fact there is again no Ulster Grand Prix. There is still a chance to fix it.

The following is the club’s official statement :


It is with great regret the organisers of the Ulster Grand Prix, the Dundrod and District Motorcycle Club, must announce the race will not take place in 2020.
Despite numerous meetings in recent months with councillors, MLAs, MPs and Ministers and other interested parties, we have been unable to find the necessary financial support to run the meeting this year.
The unprecedented crisis surrounding the Coronavirus epidemic has made finding a solution at this stage impossible.

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2019 Cookstown 100 Friday Results : 26/04/2019

2019 Cookstown 100 Road Races
2019 Cookstown 100 Road Races

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Only two of the planned four races 2019 ran tonight after the weather closed in on Cookstown.  We have literally had a scorching Easter period in Northern Ireland this year and then for the first day of road racing it decides to change to the exact opposite of what we had and get wet, miserable and cold.  Things are to get even worse overnight with the approaching ‘Storm Hannah

However – don’t panic just yet – it looks like things will improve a little – it’ll not be glorious – but it will hopefully be dry tomorrow for race day!

This is the timeline for 26/04/2019 – 27/04/2019 – so it looks like a wet night and a wet start but things should improve in the later part of the morning.

2019 Cookstown 100 Weather Forecast
2019 Cookstown 100 Weather Forecast

But, you came here for race results so without further ado – here we go :

If you want to check out the qualifying results and timings they are all here for you too : https://tbni.blog/2019/04/26/2019-cookstown-100-qualifying-session-results-26-04-2019/

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2019 Cookstown 100 Qualifying Session Results : 26/04/2019

2019 Cookstown 100 Road Races
2019 Cookstown 100 Road Races

The Irish Road Racing Season is officially back!  The 2019 season is, as is customary, kicked off with the Cookstown 100.  Today is the dominated by Practice and Qualifying and a few races to wrap the night up.

Qualifying has just finished so here are all the results and timings that will set things up for tomorrow’s race day!

It’s great to be back on the roads, and here’s to a safe, incident free and exciting 2019 for all riders, teams, events, marshals, spectators, fans, teams… you get it – here’s to 2019!

Cookstown 100 Official Twitter Feed : https://twitter.com/cookstown100

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NI Motorcycle Festival 2019

NI Motorcycle Festival 2019
NI Motorcycle Festival 2019

The NI Motorcycle Festival returns this weekend (8th – 10th February 2019) to the Eikon Centre, Lisburn. In it’s fourth year at the Eikon it is touting itself as Northern Irelands’ Biggest Motorcycle Show and it promises a weekend full of action and bikes.

So what has changed from last year and does it deliver on these promises?

In case you missed it here are my thoughts on the 2018 Show : https://tbni.blog/2018/02/07/ni-motorcycle-festival-2018-motorcyclefest-eikon-centre-lisburn/

Truth be told, very little has changed. It is still like a big showroom, with a load of stalls in the back.

As you can see in my previous 2018 review I tried my best to find the positives in the show and to be honest I really hate being negative about such things – especially things that involve bikes, a show – and Northern Ireland trying to bring itself on par with events and exhibitions, but sometimes – when there is negativity it just shines through in the truth.

I am not going to paint this one through rose tinted glasses – I hoped things would have improved but alas here it is – the NI Motorcycle Festival 2019 Review.

NI Motorcycle Festival 2019 : Kawasaki H2
NI Motorcycle Festival 2019 : Kawasaki H2

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2018 Ulster Grand Prix : Results – Saturday 11th August 2018

2018 Ulster Grand Prix
2018 Ulster Grand Prix

It’s the final day of the Northern Irish Road Racing Calendar, and it’s one of the biggest – The 2018 Ulster Grand Prix Saturday Race Day. 

This article is being written real time during the event, in a new approach for me, it may work it may not.  So I welcome your comments and input either way.  That should explain why things may bounce about a little, but if it works I may use it in the future as a sort of live blog…

The day got off to an absolutely flying start with Peter Hickman showing once again that he is the fastest road racer on the planet and had his eyes firmly fixed on breaking more records – breaching 200 mph at the Flying Kilo speedtrap…

The previous best was held by William Dunlop #6 (RIP) at a still whopping 200.4 mph. 

Read on for the results and a brief summary of the day’s racing.

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2018 Ulster Grand Prix : Results – Thursday 9th August 2018

Ulster Grand Prix
Ulster Grand Prix

The last road race meeting in Northern Ireland for the year is underway at Dundrod in the form of the Ulster Grand Prix and as usual we have all the results from every race right here for you.

Unfortunately during Thursday’s session we lost Derek McGee and Seamus Elliot (who have both suffered suspected broken bones) Derek McGee was flying through the last couple of meetings – at Fuagheen he had recently made it 14 out of 14!

A few more riders suffered spills but most importantly none suffered any serious injuries.David Murphy came off at Dawson’s, Davo Johnston at the hairpin, a red flag halted the action in the first 600 race due to rain and Joey Thompson suffered a high side.

On a much more positive note Conor Cummins took the Supersport race in outstanding style and Adam McLean dedicated his Supertwin win to James Cowton.  Neil Kernohan and Christian Elkin took the honours in the hotly contested lightweight categories.

Full results below : 

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2018 Armoy Road Races – ‘The Race of Legends’ : Results

Armoy takes up back up towards the North Coast of Northern Ireland, and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the ‘Race of Legends.’

Run over two days the Armoy races consists of a Friday Practice Day (with 2 races at the end of the day) and then Saturday Race Day which was scheduled for 11 Races.  

Unfortunately that was not to be.  

The Saturday Racing was abandoned due to truly atrocious weather.

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2018 Armoy Road Races – ‘The Race of Legends’ : Road Closure Details

2018 Armoy Races Road Closing Timings :

2018 Armoy Races Road Closures :

Roads close on Friday 27th from 12.30pm to 9.30pm

Practice & Supersport (1) and Senior Support (1) Races

Roads close Saturday 28th from 10.00am to 7.30pm

Full 9 race programme culminating with the feature superbike race – the Bayview Hotel ‘Race of Legends’

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William Dunlop : Re-live William Dunlop’s NW200 Superbike win in 2014

Re-live William Dunlop’s thrilling North West 200 Superbike win for the Tyco TAS Racing team in 2014

In memory of William Dunlop the BBC website have brought to the limelight one of his epic battles with his brother Michael during the 2014 North West 200.

It is important to remember the good, especially when things are bad.  Thanks for the memories William.


William Dunlop and Michael Dunlop Duel at the 2014 North West 200
William Dunlop and Michael Dunlop Duel at the 2014 North West 200

2018 Enniskillen 100 : Results (30/06/2018)

2018 Enniskillen 100
2018 Enniskillen 100

After a 66 year absence road racing returned this weekend to Enniskillen, in the form of the relaunched and revitalised Enniskillen 100.  Further to that it is extremely pleasing to be able to report that everything about the event was positive.

No red flags, no injuries, a full and comprehensive race scehule (along with a packed Practice and Qualifying Session on 29/06/2018).

Couple all the above with a record equalling 5 race wins in a day for Derek McGee (and it could have been six, as he had entered six races but due to the five races in a day rule had to withdraw from one.)

The result was an epic days racing, and don’t forget the weather – we can do nothing about it but when it is with us it hard to beat.  At 29.4 degrees Celsius it was an absolute scorcher with wall to wall sunshine from well before the race started until it set for the evening.

Hopefully next year the meeting will have Championship status and will tempt in an even larger field of competitors.  Which is only a good thing for the greatest sport on the planet!

2018 Enniskillen 100 Course Map

Check out the results of the 2018 Enniskillen 100 below :

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