April 2012 Review : G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad (and others up to 10″)

G-Form Extreme Sleeve

OK so first off it should be noted that I am a little bit OCD when it comes to keeping my gadgets and tech in pristine condition.  I mean after all I paid big money to have them, money that I had to work damn hard to get, and as such I want to keep my stuff looking nice and shiny.

Now I know that some people say that you shouldn’t obsess about keeping things immaculate, I have to say I don’t, I just try and buy a few things that will keep my tech new and shiny without me having to worry about them at all. Means more money back on the re-sale for the upgrade too!

So my iPad (3) then, it cost me £659.  For a little further investment I can keep it clean, scuff and scratch free and protected anywhere I go, without having to worry about it.

My iPad (3) for example has a Zagg Full body invisible shield on it, an Apple Smart Coverand a Belkin rear shield.  As far as scuffs and marks go it is pretty protected, all I needed was something to keep it safe in my bag.

Then I went to the Gadget Show Live 2012 at the Birmingham NEC, and whilst wondering around I saw a yellow iPad case.  Now yellow is my colour so I was instantly intrigued.  Then came the claims of this yellow iPad case being the home to an iPad that was dropped from 100,000 ft and survived.

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Up and Coming Reviews : G-Form Extreme Sleeve & Best Skins Ever

I have been flat out over the past week, since I came home from the Gadget Show Live, however whilst over there I made a few purchases, one such purchase that I am particularly proud of is a G-Form Extreme Sleeve.  http://www.g-formuk.com/

They dropped this thing from the edge of space, 100,00 feet, with an iPad in it, and the damn thing survived!


Now to be far in the latest episode of the Gadget Show : World Tour, a ninja was able to break an iPad in one (yes though it was a real ninja).

Full review to follow!

I finally got myself an iPod Nano! This thing is so cool, and I’m not going to bore you with a review of it, as there as literally thousands out there, but I do plan on sharing my thoughts on a ‘Best Skins Ever’ (www.bestskinsever.com).

I am a Zagg InvisbleShield (www.zagg.com)man through and through but this is my second Best Skins Ever and I have to say they are impressive, and a fraction of the cost.

Full pictorial on the install and a review to follow!


Gadget Show Live – 15/04/2012

GSL Logo

Well I am leaving the hub of Northern Ireland at Stupid O’Clock in the morning and heading for the NEC in Birmingham were I will be attending the Gadget Show Live, and more importantly getting a glimpse at Suzi Perry!

I will be tweeting live from the event so make sure you follow me @TomBoyNI and I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say about it when I return home, so watch this space!

Apple AppStore – Unale to Purchase Error – FIX – For iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Have you get the “Unable to Purchase” error on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when you try to update, or purchase apps from the AppStore?   The error looks like this : Although maybe not as bad, as I have 56 Errors!

Unable to Purchase Error
Unable to Purchase Error

The name of the app and the number of “other items” will of course be different from person to person, and over time the number of “other items” will also increase.

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02/04/2012 NBA Predictions – Hopefully a simple treble!

In saying ‘hopefully a simple treble,’ what I actually mean, is please please please be a simple treble.  My predictions have gone to the dogs, so I have opted for what should be three good home wins, coming in at 9/5 it isn’t going to make anyone rich, but who know if my prayers are answered it could just buy you a few quid to play with tomorrow?

Here we have it…

Time to get back on course with these three homers treble!
Time to get back on course with these three homers treble!

Good luck everyone, if this one doesn’t cut it, I’m officially binning the NBA for a while, maybe I should stick to the WWE, as I am two for two from Wrestlemania last night! In fact I was actually five from five with my own personal predictions, but damn who in their right mind would put money on Wrestling, and why would the bookies even be taking bets on it? Who knows, who cares, hopefully people spanked the bookies last night for it anyway!

Wrestlemania XXVIII – /01/04/2012

Well Wrestlmania returns this evening for its 28th main event.

Wrestlemania is the big one and to be honest I think I stopped having any interest in the WWE (or WWF as I remember it) about 15 years, or more, ago.

I am a fan from the era of Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage, Tatanka, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. In fact I think u have the WWF Album featuring these guys somewhere on a cassette!

However my Dad is a big fan. He is always caught out watching it and recently when I have been over visiting I have to say I have been glad to see it come on. It is simply good quality harmless fun. Obviously it is fake which is the guy of all the mon believers, but the WWE don’t even claim it to be real. It is entertainment and I think they are doing a better job at entertaining us than the majority of soaps and sit-coms at present.

Unfortunately tonight though I won’t be able to watch it as it starts here at 00:00. I have to be in work at 07:00 so thats not going to work.

All I can say is if you are lucky enough to get to see it tonight, leave your brain at the door and enjoy.

Finally – Come on the Rock and Undertaker. Do it for the old school! And Mr Undertaker Sir let’s make it 20 – 0.

Hopefully I’ll catch the reply when they take it off pay per view.

Oh and America, let’s play fair, and make these big events for Saturdays. Us guys in Europe have to get up and earn the crust in Monday mornings. We can do that if the WWE has kept us awake all Sunday night!

The Rock and Undertaker for the win!

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Boots to asses!