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April 2012 Review : G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad (and others up to 10″)

OK so first off it should be noted that I am a little bit OCD when it comes to keeping my gadgets and tech in pristine condition.  I mean after all I paid big money to have them, money that I had to work damn hard to get, and as such I want to keep my stuff looking nice and shiny.

Now I know that some people say that you shouldn’t obsess about keeping things immaculate, I have to say I don’t, I just try and buy a few things that will keep my tech new and shiny without me having to worry about them at all. Means more money back on the re-sale for the upgrade too!

So my iPad (3) then, it cost me £659.  For a little further investment I can keep it clean, scuff and scratch free and protected anywhere I go, without having to worry about it.

My iPad (3) for example has a Zagg Full body invisible shield on it, an Apple Smart Coverand a Belkin rear shield.  As far as scuffs and marks go it is pretty protected, all I needed was something to keep it safe in my bag.

Then I went to the Gadget Show Live 2012 at the Birmingham NEC, and whilst wondering around I saw a yellow iPad case.  Now yellow is my colour so I was instantly intrigued.  Then came the claims of this yellow iPad case being the home to an iPad that was dropped from 100,000 ft and survived.

Now I was amazed.  The next video I seen was this…

If that got your attention then there are loads more videos worth checking out right on the G-Form YouTube page :

How, why, WTF? All valid questions and as I am not a scientist I will put it simply, G-Form is slow and floppy in its normal state, when it is impacted upon it becomes hard and the energy from the impact is thus dispersed before it reaches the goodies encased in the yellow (or black) goodness! Science lesson over, and simply by clicking here : you will be able to see the full range of products and learn a little more about the floppy stuff.

I was hooked and the G-Form Extreme Sleevewas purchased, my only concern was will my already bulked up iPad fit in the sleeve? The answer is a ‘Yes.’ Now I know that there are more people like me, I see it on the forms all the time, with questions such as ‘Will this case fit with my Zagg / Best Skins Ever’ and so on. So for the benefit go Google here are my three questions and their answers…

1. Will the G-Form Extreme Sleeve fit my iPad with the Smart Cover on?
A. Yes.

2. Will the G-Form Extreme Sleeve fit my iPad with the rear shield on?
A. Yes

3. Will the G-Form Extreme Sleeve fit my iPad with the Smart Cover and rear shield on?
A. Yes.

And that really was the purpose of this review, to answer a few questions that I know exist. As you will see from YouTube, there are multitudes of people beating the crap out of their iPads with the Extreme Sleeve on to show it is protective. I live in the real world and it is very unlikely that I will be falling from the edge of space with my iPad, but if I do, at least before I die I will be able to write my Last Will and Testament in a Note, wrap up the iPad in the G-Form and be safe in the knowledge my next of kin will get to read it!

I travel a lot, my back pack goes everywhere with me loaded with Tech, I want it safe and the G-Form Extreme Sleeve will do that.

I did notice on the Gadget Show : World Tour 23/04/2012, that a Ninja broke an iPad in the Sleeve, if I meet a ninja though I have a few more worrying issues to deal with.

My main points from this review are :
1. This thing will protect your tech.
2. It looks so cool doing it. This case is a head turner, and if the yellow is too much for you I believe it also comes in black.
3. It will survive a fall from space.
4. You Smart Cover fits in.
5. You back shield fits in.
6. Both your Smart Cover and Rear Shield fit in.
7. A ninja may break your iPad!
8. You can be happy in the knowledge that stuff is being looked after.

There is also a load of other stuff G-Form do such as iPhone cases, MacBook cases (gonna have to get me these soon too), and body armour for extreme sports like mountain biking and skate boarding which also comes with the cool yellow look.

So its an easy 9/10 on this from me, just a shame that ninja turned up.

Here is a quick photo set showing the sleeve and the iPad + Smart Cover + Rear Shield.

Enjoy and thanks!

The G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad :


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