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Payment Protection Insurance : Reclaim? Is it worth it?

Refund Cheque
Refund me please!

You just can’t turn on the TV these days without seeing one of those awful PPI Reclaim adverts.

They got me thinking, I had loads of loans when I was younger and living the dream. I couldn’t be in the slightest bit bothered with the hassle of reclaiming a couple of pennies, and I know that’s what those companies are praying on…the laziness of humanity!

So I read a little, people are getting £££s for this reclaiming jazz! Got to be worth a go at that rate, so all I have to do is phone one of these companies, easy. But then I read a little more! Some of them take 30% of anything you get back!

That’s not a good return for the punter so off I set to do it myself… It is now 10 hours later and I think I am done. In that time I have found the account details of 10 loans and credit cards I had since 2001! Now I don’t remember if PPI was on them all, but hey at least I can try! What’s the worst that can happen, they just say no, and all I have lost is a little time.

Actually it put the day in quite well, I was at the dentist this afternoon and had a root canal, so couldn’t really be bothered doing anything else, so this was a good distraction!

So all in all 10 hours work, that would have earned me just over £200 in real life work, so anything close to that will be a reasonable bonus I think!

Now the bad point is my printer decided to shit itself in the middle of it, so I still have to print out my letters and get them to the Post Office tomorrow, however that’s easy.

I’ll keep you posted to see if this PPI is actually worth reclaiming!

Bed time, so bed time, it’s 04.32 and I am busted!

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