Harmony Hill Car Show : Lisburn : 12/05/2012

Harmony Hill 6 : 12/05/2012

2012 is Year Six for the Harmony Hill Car Show.  It is set up and run by a friendly little chap called the ‘Weed‘ and although it is a strange name, the work he does is good.  Harmony Hill is a Charity Show all the cars enter and pay a fee (£10) and Spectators are FREE!  Although of course they too can donate to the charity and profits from the BBQ go towards the charity too.

One noticeable thing about the Harmony Hill show is that it somehow gets the weather!  And a good car show needs good weather, and this is always a good show!

Please check out the full gallery of over 190 photos on our NICruisin.com FaceBook page, and like it too if you want, there is literally thousands of photos documenting the Northern Irish Cruise scene since the late 1990s right up to now!

NICruisin.com FaceBook Album Page : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.462265400454516.117430.369116513102739&type=1

Here is just a quick sample…

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May 2012 – Reebok ZigTech Unboxing :

Reebok ZigTech

Just a little bit of randomness here, I have decided to start running in a ‘hopeful’ attempt to get fit. Having done about 16 miles in a pair of running shoes that I think I got around 2004 I decided to get a new pair of running shoes, the choice I made was a pair of Yellow / Black Reebok ZigTech.

It would be very unfair of me to rate these in anyway as I am far from a professional runner, in fact I am far from an amateur runner, so I definitely feel on this occasion there are better places to get information on fitness products. Who knows though maybe soon you will be coming back here looking info on fitness…

Anyway the shoes are comfortable, I have covered about 35 miles in them since I got them, and they seem to be holding out perfectly well, oh and I think they look awesome!

And for some serious reviews I think this place has a good grasp on things : http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/reviews/shoes/1.html

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G-Shock G-001-HC ‘Jason’ Unboxing

G-Shock Jason

G-001 JASON:

Taken from the G-Shock Facebook Info Page :

These new models revive the legendary DW-001 model design that first appeared in 1994 and quickly became a hit with young people who like their fashion with a bit of an edge. They take the distinctive round shape of the DW-001 and dress it up with a variety of exciting colours.  The metal mesh insert band not only allows for the passage of air while the watch is being worn, it also creates a fashionable look.

There isn’t a lot more to say on this one, other than it is total Marmite, you either love it or hate it, so far I’d say about 50% of my friends like it, the other 50 % deeply hate it.  I though love it!

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Panasonic TZ-30 Unboxing, Initial Thoughts and Sample Shots!

Pansonic TZ-30 Initial Thoughts

Seems sometimes that I am trying to play catch up in relation to this little piece of TBNI, but around 19 days ago I mentioned an unboxing of my new Panasonic TZ-30 along with some initial thoughts and a few sample photos.

Instead though of playing catch up I actually think that this has given me a good chance to get a little play with the camera, which in turn makes me a little more qualified to pass judgement.

The unboxing itself requires little comment, it arrived in the post, next day from Amazon, who to be fair are hard to complain about, and from that point I opened it, here’s how that went!

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28/04/2012 : Northern Ireland’s Festival of Speed – Maze / Long Kesh – Lisburn ; Full Gallery and Afterhtoughts…

Flyin' Ryan
Flyin' Ryan
Flyin’ Ryan

As promised here is my little post on Northern Ireland’s Festival of Speed.  I won’t labour on and on about it though, just check out the pics for a pretty concise series of events for the day.

Remembering that this was the first such event in Northern Ireland on such a scale.  And to be fair for a first attempt it was a really good day.

The events were great:

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Payment Protection Insurance : Reclaim? Is it worth it?

Refund Cheque
Refund me please!

You just can’t turn on the TV these days without seeing one of those awful PPI Reclaim adverts.

They got me thinking, I had loads of loans when I was younger and living the dream. I couldn’t be in the slightest bit bothered with the hassle of reclaiming a couple of pennies, and I know that’s what those companies are praying on…the laziness of humanity!

So I read a little, people are getting £££s for this reclaiming jazz! Got to be worth a go at that rate, so all I have to do is phone one of these companies, easy. But then I read a little more! Some of them take 30% of anything you get back!

That’s not a good return for the punter so off I set to do it myself… It is now 10 hours later and I think I am done. In that time I have found the account details of 10 loans and credit cards I had since 2001! Now I don’t remember if PPI was on them all, but hey at least I can try! What’s the worst that can happen, they just say no, and all I have lost is a little time.

Actually it put the day in quite well, I was at the dentist this afternoon and had a root canal, so couldn’t really be bothered doing anything else, so this was a good distraction!

So all in all 10 hours work, that would have earned me just over £200 in real life work, so anything close to that will be a reasonable bonus I think!

Now the bad point is my printer decided to shit itself in the middle of it, so I still have to print out my letters and get them to the Post Office tomorrow, however that’s easy.

I’ll keep you posted to see if this PPI is actually worth reclaiming!

Bed time, so bed time, it’s 04.32 and I am busted!

06/05/2012 – The Day the Premier League is Decided?

With two games remaining in the Premier League for both Manchester sides today looks like the critical one. City are at the top of the league and when you look at the remaining matches on paper United should take all six points and City should have the three next week.

However today is the pivot. City take on Newcastle United and with the drive of Europe ahead of them, Newcastle definitely have a reason to dig the heels in.

The general consensus is that should City drop points here today then United will lift the trophy.

So come on Newcastle make us happy and slap City later.

Anyway it is the perfect time to have a little flutter, an interest bet in the football and I have decoded to go along with the hope that City will drop points today.

C’mon the Mighty Magpies!

(oh and I haven’t put in MUFC in the bet as it is only a low stakes interest bet and at 1/6 there’s no return, so Celtic away have filled in that spot at near evens)

– Written on my iPhone.


April 2012 – Best Skins Ever Install – iPod Nano 6th Generation

Best Skins Ever

As I have mentioned before I am a huge fan of Zagg and their InvisibleShield product, however from a little experience and some reading I decided to have another go with a Best Skins Ever for my new 6G iPod Nano.

Now I already have one of these installed on my MacBook Pro and I have to say it is perfect, from memory the install then took me almost 2 hours, but it is a big beast to be covering and I wanted perfection – with a little time and effort, that’s what I got.

So why my affiliation towards Zagg when I have covered my £1980 laptop in a Best Skins Ever? The answer probably doesn’t make much sense, the Zagg cover for the MacBook Pro was around $80, the Best Skins Ever was closer to $30. The reviews on the internet said they were pretty much the same, and as my laptops rarely leave the safety of my desk I decided to save a few $$$ and go with the BSE product. After all it was more to keep the MacBook clean and sparkly as it won’t be going to far into the big bad world.

The BSE has been on the Mac for around 10 months now, and it is still exactly as it was when I put it on, perfect. And it feels smoother than the Zagg, there is no orange peel effect, it too is crystal clear, as far as the protection goes against scratches and such I can’t comment. Thats why I sway towards Zagg, I have been using Zaggs on phones and cameras for years and have had some moments that would have destroyed an unprotected screen, and thanks to the Zagg everything has remained pristine. I have sold on old tech well above the market value because of the Zagg, when removed it looks like brand, spanking new! So there we have it I KNOW Zagg protects, I don’t know that for BSE. Time to try.

In my new regime to get fit, I decided to quit smoking and start running, I already had an iPod Touch (3G) and after lugging that around for a few miles I knew I needed something more convenient, spet up please iPoad Nano. This little device is great for running as you really do forget about it and thanks to Nike+ it keeps track for everything for you, and that nice lady keeps updating you as to how you are doing, great stuff. Howver it needed some protection. The BSE was ordered and delivered to the UK for $9.49, the equivalent Zagg was coming in at $23.99, huge difference I’m sure you’ll agree, both being the full body coverage.

The BSE was ordered on a Monday, and arrived the following Monday, the same sort of timescales that I am used to with Zagg, so no real differences there.

Now this is were the differences start. The Zagg arrive in a padded Jiffy bag, with a nice manufactured box containing the shield, an applicator, a micro fibre cloth, and an instruction leaflet. The BSE arrives in a white envelope, with an invoice and the shield…

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