California Scents Air Fresheners – A little smell of sweetness!

I had read a lot about good air fresheners, something a little more special than your usual ‘Magic Tree’ (which to be fair I also like).  So after a little research and a great deal on eBay I decided on the ‘Shasta Strawberry’ by California Scents.

I won’t labour on about why this is a good air freshener, it should be enough to say that this smells awesome, if you like the smell of strawberries you are in for a treat!

I will add though that I have this is my sports car, which is tucked away in my garage, for about a month now.  The air freshener hides under the seat and although I have the windows open a little to allow air to circulate around the car the smell still fills the car.  There is a vent on the top which you can adjust to control how strong the smell is, but for this having sat in an airing car for a month and still producing fragrance it is enough to say I am well impressed.

Oh and with these currently retailing at just under £2.00 delivered on sites such as eBay you are onto a winner!


Finally, I almost forgot there is a full range of scents in this range :

Laguna Breeze
Monterey Vanilla**
Coronado Cherry
Desert Jasmine**
Orange Squeeze*
La Jolla Lemon*
Shasta Strawberry**
Capistrano Coconut*
Santa Barbara Berry**
Gardenia Del Mar*
Newport New Car**
Napa Grape**
Golden State Delight**
Malibu Melon*
Palm Springs Pineapple*
Hawaiian Gardens*
L.A. Lavender*
Mojave Mango*
Citrus Splash**
Melon Mango*
Smoke Away™**
Fresh Linen**
Squash Blossom*
Concord Cranberry
Vista Grapefruit*
Cinnamon Apple*
Arctic Ice

Check out the full site here :


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