Happy Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 Day 13/11/2012

Every November now, we are teased and eventually treated with the latest Call of Duty episode.

And as a result of this everyone has their own feelings about its release, some will see it as the pinnacle shooter of our generation, and some will see it as the biggest pile of n00b infected glitch ridden trash ever to be released.

Although the latter is no doubt exceptionally unfair and more than likely the comments of someone who has found their favourite glitch has since been ironed out, or at their first attempt of 0wning the battlefield became subsequently Pwned!

No matter what your opinion at this prerelease stage may be I am sure you are no doubt excited (secretly or not) about what this next stage of the COD franchise will bring it and as such, I wish you all a Happy COD Day!

(Mr Postman you have until 08:05hrs!)

Call of Duty - Black Ops II
Call of Duty – Black Ops II

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