iPhone ‘5s’ getting ready for an early launch?

iPhone 5s on route?
iPhone 5s on route?

The internet rumour mill is now rife with chatter that the ‘iPhone 5s’ is getting ready for release!  The iPhone 5 is still like gold dust in many stores, so is it likely that an 5s will be in development and ready for testing so soon?

After the ‘new iPad’, and then the ‘iPad with Retina Display’ I think it is more than possible in fact I’d go as far as saying likely!

This extract pulled from the web pretty much says it all…

Apple will launch its iPhone 5S smartphone early next year, according to a report.

It is thought that trial production of the iPhone 5S could happen as early as next month (December 2012), according to Digitimes. Volume is likely to be between 50,000 and 100,000 with a possible release during early 2013.

“Facing low yield rates in the production of iPhone 5, Apple has accelerated the certification processes for related parts and components for the iPhone 5S” said Digitimes.

Full blown production of the iPhone 5S is expected in the first quarter of next year. We would be surprised if Apple launched the next generation iPhone so soon after launching the iPhone 5. Announcing the iPhone 5S in June or later would seem more likely.

Apple will also release a new version of the iPad a few months after the iPhone 5S, “since the display resolution of its latest version of iPad has come out lower than expected” said Digitimes suggesting an iPad mini 2.

Personally I think the rumours will begin to go full speed ahead in the new year, with leaked photos and the usual lost phone appearing, with a early Summer / late Spring release.  This will enable the iPad Mini to stay around the October / November time, cementing its position as the must have Christmas gadget for at least another few years.

It also breaks things up a little bit more, giving the Apple faithful a little more time to stock their pockets with cash so they can buy the phone in June / July and be ready for the iPad facelifts a few months later, to be fair it is a bit much expecting the normal working man to be able to find £529 minimum for a phone, £399 minimum for an iPad, and £269 minimum for an iPad mini all in about 80 days!

One last thought just to mix things up a little, could the iPad mini get an ‘s’ facelift even earlier, like many a once off, prior to the holiday season facelift, in order to bring out a retina display.  The world wants it and it will be coming, the only real question is how quickly?

Time will tell!


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