Flipboard : Your Social news Magazine Updated to v2.0

Flopboard, everyone’s favourite iOS App has been updated to version 2.0 and along with the nice new version number we get an impressive list of new features.

If you don’t know what Flipboard is you need a good shake but obviously that’s not going to happen so a brief explanation will have to suffice.

Flipboard is basically a magazine that you make and control by selecting your interests such as tech, motors, news, nature, photography and so on. You can also link in your favourite social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Flipboard then pulls all the latest news from your feeds and interests from across the web, categorises them for you within the app presenting them in a user friendly and intuitive manner, giving you your own tailored interactive magazine.

It is one of my daily apps and now it looks like it has just got better.

The feature that grabs my interest from the 2.0 feature list is the make your own magazine. From this it appears that you take the articles from the Flipboard you have configured, tag then and thus make them into your own magazine that you can share.

That is too cool.

Make sure you subscribe to the TBNI edition when I have a good look at it.

Here is the feature list as per iOS.

Enjoy your own journalistic future!



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