Apple iPhone 5s – Does it Blend?!? – Just Kidding – Just a Regular Unboxing!

I have temporarily fallen behind in my posts mainly due to the fact that I was without a computer for the best part of two months there. Well today my new iMac arrived in its 27″ of glory, so that’s me back on track. I am going to throw up a few quick galleries and posts of stuff that I gathered up in my computerless times, but in order to make some progress I wont be dwelling on them.

The first such gallery is my iPhone 5s unboxing. This is a release day model, 64Gb white, silver iPhone 5s, which I purchased with, the new to the UK, AppleCare+

It was picked up on release day from the Apple Store in Belfast, and I only had to queue from 3.30am! (Stocks were that low however that I had to updrage to the 64Gb model as the 32Gb were all sold out, there were only about 50 people in front of me!)

My initial opinions on this phone are great. This is another excellent device released by Apple, with the freshness of iOS7 a new lease of life has been given to the phone.

The camera is brilliant, the slow-mo addition is one of my favourite new additions and the fingerprint scanner brings a wee bit of the future a little bit closer.

I will throw up a few more tips / tricks / thoughts if and when I have them, until such times here is my gallery…

 photo P1070290_zps7ac5e616.jpg photo P1070292_zpsf7c51d77.jpg photo P1070293_zpse3c6cf65.jpg photo P1070294_zps107d4b78.jpg
 photo P1070295_zps42864407.jpg photo P1070296_zpsc3789a7b.jpg photo P1070297_zpsc2b4fc03.jpg photo P1070298_zps9689e5d0.jpg
 photo P1070299_zps71aa9b92.jpg photo P1070300_zps301681df.jpg photo P1070301_zps149ed860.jpg photo P1070302_zps1e5c84af.jpg
 photo P1070303_zps2c4e4c6e.jpg photo P1070304_zpsfb75df20.jpg photo P1070305_zpsae033252.jpg photo P1070306_zps6a8c46e0.jpg
 photo P1070307_zpsfaf4adcb.jpg photo P1070308_zps18fbdd66.jpg photo P1070309_zps6d5b6d26.jpg photo P1070310_zps2f556315.jpg
 photo P1070311_zpsb9da2f9c.jpg photo P1070312_zpsb12f02fd.jpg photo P1070313_zps28cd5946.jpg photo P1070314_zpsc058628f.jpg
 photo P1070315_zps0cfa0a47.jpg photo P1070317_zpsad791042.jpg


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