Seagate Expansion HDD 3TB UnBoxing & Time Machine.

A quick unboxing gallery of a Seagate 3TB Expansion Desktop Drive (USB 3.0).

For reference the drive is a mere 36.0mm thick and cost only £80.

 photo P1070816_zps2e0704ca.jpg photo P1070817_zps0ad03a91.jpg photo P1070818_zpse4e5031b.jpg
 photo P1070820_zps93e0cf42.jpg photo P1070821_zps85046180.jpg photo P1070822_zps8bf97bc1.jpg
 photo P1070823_zpsa9914b1c.jpg photo P1070826_zps4e76dd3c.jpg photo P1070827_zps071f16b7.jpg
 photo P1070828_zps7756ccaf.jpg photo P1070831_zpsbabb80dd.jpg photo IMG_6350_zps820bbb83.jpg

As you can see from the last images I use this drive as a Time Machine. At this price it is a very affordable back up (Time Machine) solution. The speeds are good, and by that I mean I don’t notice them being slow. I can’t comment on how it operates as a daily drive however as a TM it has given me no problems, I haven’t even noticed it was there. Which makes it pretty much ideal!

My last Time Machine drive gave me problems with the drive powering down and unmounting. Although not disasterous it was far from ideal, this drive however has not let me down once. It has remained constantly powered, mounted and backing up to its little heart’s content.

A lot of storage for the money and a good solution to keeping precious files safe**.

**Although like anything I thoroughly believe one backup solution is not enough and when possible make extras and consider online solutions as well!


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