Turtle Beach Ear Force Shadow UnBoxing

I have never been one for earphones whilst gaming, however the guys that are say that there is simply no comparison to gaming with a decent set of ‘cans’ as opposed to a television speaker set up or a basic 2.1 system. Then when you start to move into good 5.1 systems you may be unfortunate enough then that your house, or worse your neighbours’ house starts to shake when stuff starts exploding on screen. It is this point that a good gaming head set starts to come into its own.

For me I have taken the plunge with a mid range set of headphones, namely ‘Turtle Beach Ear Force Shawdow.’ I have been on the lookout for such a set of headphones for a while but was always put off by the price tag. When these came up in a recent flash sale that was effectively saying, ‘Here you go chum, take these and male a small donation to our store,’ it was simply impossible to say no! (Oh and they are PS4 compatible!)

Here is what Turtle Beach have to say about this set. At the time of writing the price is £79.99 GBP.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Shadow

The sound quality from these things is simply put, exceptional. I now understand what other people mean by you can actually hear the footsteps as they approach you. Now obviously those footsteps are always there, it’s just that in a normal room environment they easily get lost. With the sound and integrate little details being fed into your ears you get a really immersive experience.

The sounds are crisp and clear, vocals are sharp and bullets crack and bang in a way your TV could never portray.

For me I still often play without the headset, due to a recent acquisition of an awesome sound bar (Philips HTL5120/12), however when the volume needs turned down or some serious multiplayer is happening I automatically reach for the Ear Force Shadows.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Shadow Earphones UnBoxing :

 photo P1070835_zps49daed6d.jpg photo P1070836_zps9dca8cea.jpg photo P1070838_zps444854bf.jpg
 photo P1070839_zpsd5edd0aa.jpg photo P1070840_zpsb540b8c1.jpg photo P1070842_zps5977af64.jpg
 photo P1070845_zps6c80e11e.jpg photo P1070846_zps5ea6bcb2.jpg photo P1070847_zpsb6263f39.jpg
 photo P1070848_zpsb100460c.jpg photo P1070849_zps30eeb072.jpg photo P1070850_zps78011189.jpg
 photo P1070851_zpsac00857a.jpg photo P1070853_zpscb818026.jpg photo P1070854_zps2373f6d3.jpg
 photo P1070855_zps9888b219.jpg photo P1070856_zps501030c9.jpg photo P1070857_zps95e46a0e.jpg
 photo P1070858_zpsdc609d1c.jpg photo P1070859_zps736518d3.jpg photo P1070860_zps8a7d9890.jpg
 photo P1070861_zps87c41576.jpg photo P1070862_zps572f7af6.jpg photo P1070863_zps4dd933ce.jpg
 photo P1070864_zps1d7a78ec.jpg photo P1070865_zpsa7040196.jpg photo P1070866_zps68cb88b0.jpg
 photo P1070868_zpsc4e2e2b9.jpg photo P1070870_zps0631fed5.jpg photo P1070872_zpsfcb73d81.jpg
 photo P1070873_zps369a13b0.jpg photo P1070875_zpsbaf53320.jpg photo P1070876_zpsf5f84c44.jpg
 photo P1070878_zps75650f40.jpg photo P1070879_zps0a6cc7d7.jpg photo P1070880_zps035c06fe.jpg
 photo P1070881_zps756124e0.jpg photo P1070882_zpsa96d5341.jpg


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