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I got a set of these just after Christmas (I know a bit behind on this one) for an absolutely outstanding price of £49GBP! At the same time I was looking at a set of Beats by Dre which a supermarket chain were offering at a great price also, however after a little reading I decided that the fashion accessory that are Beats Solos are not for me (admittedly the higher up the range of Beats headphones are generally accepted as top class products the general conscious is that the Solos are more of an accessory than a headphone. I don’t want to get into a debate ion Solos, as I haven’t owned a pair, I have no doubt that they offer up a great sound, I just feel that following a little research there is potentially better sets at less money.

Anyway I see these Monster N-Tunes (Monster also make Beats by Dre) and thought they were at a price you couldn’t turn down! So I didn’t!

I have been using them now for a few months and I am massively impressed. The sound is crisp at all levels, the bass is deep, the mids are defined and the highs are oh so high! They are over ear earphones, but not cups, so they rest on your ear, rather than your ear tucked away in side them. And that is my only negative, I have a pretty big head (enough said) and the ears, they are a decent size too, and when it comes to headphones I like my ear inside the cup. I have a set of Sennheiser HD202 and my ear tucks away nicely in them. If these headphones did that I’d be 100% sold.

As it goes I’m 90% sold, the audio quality is so good I am forced to over look the mild discomfort. I get too that some people prefer this style than a full ear cup, so I suppose it is horses for courses!

For the fashion conscious they aren’t Beats by Dre however they are still a premium headphone, and you will stand out more from the crowd with a set of these as opposed to being just another one in that crowd with a set of Beats!

There are plenty of reviews out there from audiophiles, of which I am not, however as a general consumer these ‘cans’ are great. The sound is excellent, that comes from my experience of about 10 years DJing dance music (including a wee patch in Ibiza) so, I, at the minimum can at least say when something works well for the end consumer!

These work well, sound great, look good in shiny white, and let’s be honest everything looks good in shiny white!

UnBoxing Gallery of Monster N-Tune Headphones :

 photo P1070954_zps10604017.jpg photo P1070957_zps9e2b2728.jpg photo P1070958_zps8144b9d2.jpg
 photo P1070959_zps64dca2cb.jpg photo P1070960_zps5bdf00e2.jpg photo P1070961_zpscdce06bb.jpg
 photo P1070963_zps45095801.jpg photo P1070964_zps6c060c2e.jpg photo P1070965_zpsa2806539.jpg
 photo P1070966_zps2508251c.jpg photo P1070967_zps8c671f15.jpg photo P1070969_zps225708f9.jpg
 photo P1070970_zps9fcdc3e6.jpg photo P1070971_zpsae387e73.jpg photo P1070972_zps4e009cb0.jpg
 photo P1070973_zps63c4578c.jpg photo P1070974_zpse70f0462.jpg photo P1070975_zpsd2bfe26b.jpg
 photo P1070976_zps1c2de42d.jpg photo P1070977_zps590add8c.jpg photo P1070979_zps43658e75.jpg
 photo P1070980_zpsc51aa153.jpg photo P1070982_zps812d99db.jpg photo P1070983_zps33f2d0bf.jpg
 photo P1070984_zps85bd36bc.jpg photo P1070985_zpsca8f78b5.jpg photo P1070986_zps3e6ead7c.jpg
 photo P1070987_zps34b5e396.jpg photo P1070988_zps9cda0f38.jpg photo P1070989_zps0de876e7.jpg
 photo P1070990_zps3d7a01cc.jpg photo P1070991_zpsd4fe725f.jpg photo P1070993_zpsbf04117a.jpg
 photo P1070994_zps2c29c53d.jpg photo P1070995_zps5d2b93b8.jpg photo P1070996_zps88ed835f.jpg
 photo P1070997_zpsa58360ca.jpg photo P1070998_zps3b6663df.jpg photo P1070999_zps4e9950af.jpg


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