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£1000 for a iPhone – Are you all Crazy?!?

That is the question that is getting fired about everywhere at the moment!  Just look on your Twitter Feed or Facebook Page and you will see it cropping up everywhere, from friends, from tech companies, from idiots, from Apple Haters, but one thing will be common amongst them all, they will be Android Users.  From some reason Android Users are Apple Haters.


However not all Apple Users are Android Haters.  I can testify to this first hand, as an absolute Apple fan I am also the proud owner of a 2nd Generation Nexus 7 – and a great device it is.

So what is it with Android Users and their exclusive hatred of Apple?  It is weird, but it is definitely misguided.  It is the sheep comment that I love,  ‘I am not a sheep!  I don’t just mindlessly follow Apple and buy what they tell me!  I am an individual and I use Android because it doesn’t lock me down and allows me to be an individual!’

Oh Really – Let’s put it in figures – Android has in 2014 an 80% market share.  Apple hovering about 15%.  It seems that really you are indeed a sheep and one of a much bigger flock.

As for being locked down, what have you customised?  What have you programmed?  What have you hacked, installed, or written that Apple wouldn’t have let you?  Pirate movies?  Pirate TV, anything else?  Probably not.  Oh but you have a nice Incredible Hulk theme on your Home Screen!  Ah now I see your point.  I know, I apologise the sarcasm is hanging out of this post, but it will stop soon for some facts and figures, honestly.

Let’s stop being juvenile about it, some like Apple, some like Android, and you know what, thats ok.  But lets be realistic a high end of the market Android phone isn’t exactly cheap either.  A brand new Galaxy S5 is sitting at £409 delivered from Amazon, an iPhone 5s 16Gb is only £459 delivered, so the Galaxy S5 is cheaper than an iPhone but it is only £50 of a difference, and it ridiculous to be comparing an iPhone with for example a Moto G at £80, although a great phone we need to compare like for like.

Now down to the nitty gritty – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  The cries of £1000 for a phone, are you mad ring across the planet!  Well firstly :

It is not £1000! The most expensive variant, the iPhone 6 Plus, 128 Gb will cost you £789, that is £211 less that £1000 or over 20% less, so it is a considerable enough difference to not be negligible.

So what do you get?  You get an absolute bag full of tech compressed into a 5.5 inch screen and remember of course you can go smaller and take the iPhone 6 which will cost even less £££s, but lets stick with what you get, and the simplest way for me to put it is you get this…

What really is in an iPhone
What really is in an iPhone

So what is this?  I have put to get a very simple list, with associated costs to show you how much a bag of tech would cost you to cover the most basic and fundamental functions of an iPhone, things that if your phone didn’t do you would probably need that separate gadget with you…

Remembering an iphone 6 plus 128Gb costs £789 :

  • Phone : 8Gb Moto 4G : £160 (a very capable android phone, with all your basic smartphone features).
  • Camera : £150 (the camera on the Moto 4G is not comparable so in the interests of maintaining a like for like approach and a gadget that if you did not have your iPhone with you I have opted for the pricing of a good quality, non bridge and non super zoom, point and click camera, with a decent video option).
  • ipod Touch 64Gb : £230 (comparable media player).
  • PS Vita : £170 (for decent handheld gaming, the Moto 4G will struggle on a graphic, processor intense game).
  • 64gb Card : £25 (This brings your storage up to 128Gb when coupled with the iPod).
  • ebook : £70 (You’ll not be reading to much on the screen of a Moto 4G).
  • sat nav : £70 (Dedicated satnav with a 5 inch screen for usability over a prolonged period of time).
– Total – £875
You could even go on to argue that with the new screen size and iCloud a small screened tablet is also required to give a similar level of productivity that will be possible on the iPhone 6 Plus so adding a 2nd Generation Nexus 2 will add another £150 to the equation.
So in conclusion and in my opinion which I have tried my hardest to explain I appreciate and understand that the phone is certainly expensive, when you take an objective look at what the complete package entails maybe it isn’t as crazy and outlandish as you would initially suspect.
Thanks for reading everyone, and enjoy your new iPhone 6!  Oha nd with the money you have saved you will even be able to buy AppleCare+ and still have saved a few pound coins!

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