2014 Airwaves Portrush : NI International Air Show – Gallery

2014 marked the first year of the new look NI International Air Show (2014) which was rebranded to in my own personal opinion the rather cheesy ‘Air Waves’, what with it being an Air show and also beside the sea. (This section of the Northern Irish Coast being the only one with waves to mention with the exception of storms of course.) Now that I have my reservations of the name expressed I will move onto more important things, the show itself.

One word should suffice as an review, and be enough to ensure your attendance next year – ‘Excellent!’

The venue has relocated to the East Strand of Portrush over looking the Causeway Coast, and it worked really well!

The display line has now moved to the eastern side of the peninsula to bring the display line much, much closer to the crowd and have the Giant’s Causeway and Dunluce Castle as a backdrop. It also means spectators can now view from the beautiful Blue Flag beach and enjoy even more exhibition space. This map shows the main layout of the event;


I am too late to be writing reviews and the like for this event, however it is never too late for photos and I have included a pretty big selection of the images I captured on the day, which follow below, but I do think it is important to emphasise the main points :

1. The event was excellent.
2. The range of aircraft was fantastic.
3. The sight of the 2 Lancaster Bombers was simply outstanding.
4. The display from the Red Arrows was amazing! This was their 50th Anniversary display and although they are always worth watching, this display is something special!
5. The other aircraft were all amazing, and being a fan of helicopters I certainly was treated well!
6. The rest of the events organised for families, visitors and spectators were good and I have no doubt will improve as the years go on.

I am certainly looking forward to the show again next year!

2014 Ariwaves Portrush : NI International Airshow Gallery :For anyone interested all photos were taken using a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 – NO Editting has occurred.  All images were resized to 30% of their original for uploading and some photos have been cropped for better image composition.
 photo P1090258_zpse7ca375a.jpg photo P1090257_zps2a79d878.jpg photo P1090253_zpsd6a78089.jpg

 photo P1090254_zps141fede4.jpg photo P1090262_zps8e2d4a5c.jpg photo P1090263_zps21fccc67.jpg

 photo P1090265_zpsb4a8e311.jpg photo P1090266_zpsc7310811.jpg photo P1090267_zps70a2ece1.jpg

 photo P1090270_zpscf5d4642.jpg photo P1090271_zpsf7879f66.jpg photo P1090275_zps83840e76.jpg

 photo P1090276_zps2e65c011.jpg photo P1090280_zpse6766915.jpg photo P1090283_zpsdccc7a58.jpg

 photo P1090284_zps71c270b3.jpg photo P1090285_zpse8bd0ecd.jpg photo P1090286_zps1289740f.jpg

 photo P1090287_zpsf56395a0.jpg photo P1090288_zps5881817a.jpg photo P1090290_zps4aa2d025.jpg

 photo P1090292_zpsa96e3778.jpg photo P1090299_zps7ae18cf8.jpg photo P1090301_zpsc8ffba5d.jpg

 photo P1090302_zps3cbca26a.jpg photo P1090303_zpscd3c959d.jpg photo P1090305_zps42c97761.jpg

 photo P1090306_zps8bf17396.jpg photo P1090307_zps30955f46.jpg photo P1090308_zps2349d265.jpg

 photo P1090309_zps9496c58b.jpg photo P1090310_zpse8557300.jpg photo P1090312_zpsb63297ce.jpg

 photo P1090313_zpsd1f63211.jpg photo P1090315_zpsffaba95f.jpg photo P1090316_zps8a98bda0.jpg

 photo P1090317_zps1381c58d.jpg photo P1090318_zps04e121f4.jpg photo P1090320_zps334926a5.jpg

 photo P1090322_zps0723cc70.jpg photo P1090321_zpscc55ce93.jpg photo P1090324_zps6724beb9.jpg

 photo P1090325_zps9dedf596.jpg photo P1090329_zps7d9eb4bb.jpg photo P1090330_zpsa5e3edc4.jpg

 photo P1090331_zpsac4f0a55.jpg photo P1090332_zpsa8a7d88f.jpg photo P1090333_zps1289d16f.jpg

 photo P1090334_zps6caeffea.jpg photo P1090336_zps2e23603c.jpg photo P1090338_zps9ce12c54.jpg

 photo P1090339_zps18e18340.jpg photo P1090340_zpsef5c53ab.jpg photo P1090341_zps329b4cd2.jpg

 photo P1090344_zpsa0036342.jpg photo P1090345_zpsa14ee106.jpg photo P1090347_zps1d3b5993.jpg

 photo P1090352_zpsef524b5f.jpg photo P1090353_zpsd39a7759.jpg photo P1090354_zps0c5f5452.jpg

 photo P1090355_zps357fec19.jpg photo P1090356_zps25cfbf60.jpg photo P1090357_zps35cfd615.jpg

 photo P1090358_zpsfd97e84b.jpg photo P1090359_zps69646e41.jpg photo P1090360_zpsc1d3dd04.jpg

 photo P1090361_zps901b2225.jpg photo P1090362_zps272cb4d3.jpg photo P1090363_zps5e894ab1.jpg

 photo P1090364_zps405f8e0b.jpg photo P1090365_zps15b59b02.jpg photo P1090366_zps885a3be4.jpg

 photo P1090367_zps3a67553d.jpg photo P1090369_zps1a88caa5.jpg photo P1090370_zps6be5fdd8.jpg

 photo P1090371_zps7dfebefa.jpg photo P1090372_zpscd470366.jpg photo P1090373_zpsf1155f8b.jpg

 photo P1090374_zpsb8f5787c.jpg photo P1090375_zps61dcbeca.jpg photo P1090376_zps5b869bb8.jpg

 photo P1090377_zps431438ff.jpg photo P1090378_zps5f823b9b.jpg photo P1090379_zpsb37fa281.jpg

 photo P1090380_zps540398c1.jpg photo P1090381_zpsf61fee5c.jpg photo P1090382_zps54390086.jpg

 photo P1090384_zpsba8bdb3a.jpg photo P1090385_zps1cfc4266.jpg photo P1090386_zps490569b3.jpg

 photo P1090387_zpsccd56f4d.jpg photo P1090391_zpsb1ef3d09.jpg photo P1090394_zpsd54e2170.jpg

 photo P1090395_zpse1f90ef5.jpg photo P1090396_zps4e95f49e.jpg photo P1090397_zps05ca337d.jpg

 photo P1090398_zps780c6a43.jpg photo P1090399_zps338b685a.jpg photo P1090400_zps977b995c.jpg

 photo P1090402_zps4eb3a8ea.jpg photo P1090405_zpsd7315624.jpg photo P1090406_zpsd400d01e.jpg

 photo P1090408_zpsf01450d0.jpg photo P1090410_zpsade68952.jpg photo P1090411_zpse1969493.jpg

 photo P1090413_zpsc8182fae.jpg photo P1090414_zpsaaa2f7d0.jpg photo P1090417_zpse9ac662e.jpg

 photo P1090418_zpsfc27aaec.jpg photo P1090419_zps0e297b0f.jpg photo P1090420_zpsa7cfd881.jpg

 photo P1090422_zps72125d84.jpg photo P1090423_zps35129aa4.jpg photo P1090428_zpscbbd2015.jpg

 photo P1090429_zpsb9a74360.jpg photo P1090430_zps8172c96e.jpg photo P1090431_zps20f67e0d.jpg

 photo P1090433_zps818db844.jpg photo P1090434_zpsd4f32e80.jpg photo P1090435_zpsff374352.jpg

 photo P1090436_zpsfb623a74.jpg photo P1090437_zps24c72160.jpg photo P1090438_zpsb28a1bb0.jpg

 photo P1090439_zpsd5dd492a.jpg photo P1090440_zps25efa75a.jpg photo P1090441_zps5c0c8f34.jpg

 photo P1090442_zpsd5ec5af8.jpg photo P1090443_zpsc1da75df.jpg photo P1090444_zps640ff6b9.jpg

 photo P1090446_zps89520130.jpg photo P1090447_zps89a3dda7.jpg photo P1090448_zpsfdac3d99.jpg

 photo P1090449_zpsd5bd24ba.jpg photo P1090450_zps72373ec5.jpg photo P1090452_zpsec7b8302.jpg

 photo P1090453_zps1ef18b42.jpg photo P1090457_zpsbe95c022.jpg photo P1090465_zps1ebfe0d4.jpg

 photo P1090466_zps17e8f127.jpg photo P1090467_zps5f26a6df.jpg photo P1090468_zpsdb0e8c67.jpg

 photo P1090469_zps87be69e5.jpg photo P1090470_zps82727ace.jpg photo P1090471_zps82f4939d.jpg

 photo P1090472_zpsa89eed61.jpg photo P1090473_zpsdcc82d10.jpg photo P1090475_zpsa4943731.jpg

 photo P1090477_zps6a052487.jpg photo P1090478_zps01d59d05.jpg photo P1090480_zps276efea6.jpg

 photo P1090486_zps432be7a1.jpg photo P1090490_zps96e5fb9b.jpg photo P1090491_zpsbc1d5b04.jpg

 photo P1090493_zps8ba39902.jpg photo P1090494_zpsf9c484e5.jpg photo P1090495_zpscf4c7c37.jpg

 photo P1090496_zps52c9aed7.jpg photo P1090499_zps18ac74e5.jpg photo P1090502_zps23995c32.jpg

 photo P1090504_zpsaa545480.jpg photo P1090506_zps1ad2f147.jpg photo P1090507_zps93bfd424.jpg

 photo P1090508_zps34e67fef.jpg photo P1090509_zpsc1046022.jpg photo P1090510_zpsf090efde.jpg

 photo P1090514_zpsb559add8.jpg photo P1090515_zps86178373.jpg photo P1090518_zps29040b82.jpg

 photo P1090519_zps1da2cfbd.jpg photo P1090520_zps106e3d27.jpg photo P1090521_zpsc51994be.jpg

 photo P1090522_zps20d0ca84.jpg photo P1090524_zpsd64f2b45.jpg photo P1090526_zpsc915736b.jpg

 photo P1090529_zpsa17db04c.jpg photo P1090531_zpsee939655.jpg photo P1090532_zpse9d9a62e.jpg

 photo P1090533_zps384dfe4a.jpg photo P1090534_zps78aface5.jpg photo P1090535_zps5b8865ff.jpg

 photo P1090537_zps87f2fde8.jpg photo P1090538_zps8250178f.jpg photo P1090541_zps0498e8d3.jpg

 photo P1090542_zpsdaaddf48.jpg photo P1090545_zpscc9ac3d7.jpg photo P1090546_zpsc423c437.jpg

 photo P1090547_zps6e9fc7da.jpg photo P1090554_zps2f6f8b35.jpg photo P1090555_zps75184e0a.jpg

 photo P1090556_zps989b9f32.jpg photo P1090560_zps962fb590.jpg photo P1090561_zps35373a37.jpg

 photo P1090563_zps1f19cd99.jpg photo P1090564_zps91a4dbdf.jpg photo P1090569_zps300cb993.jpg

 photo P1090570_zps3f894dbb.jpg photo P1090573_zps6f6693e4.jpg photo P1090575_zps71b44828.jpg

 photo P1090576_zpse51d640a.jpg photo P1090577_zps365e178c.jpg photo P1090578_zps602f73ff.jpg

 photo P1090579_zpsb1051327.jpg photo P1090580_zpsc9d9bdb6.jpg photo P1090581_zpse8542704.jpg

 photo P1090582_zps90b9ec01.jpg photo P1090584_zps631b8a97.jpg photo P1090585_zps3a0aa3db.jpg

 photo P1090588_zpsd542b71c.jpg photo P1090589_zps492f8495.jpg photo P1090590_zps3fa58858.jpg

 photo P1090591_zps0a9bdc0d.jpg photo P1090592_zpsc63b92c0.jpg photo P1090593_zps93cdb678.jpg

 photo P1090594_zps5e8542e3.jpg photo P1090595_zps53980adc.jpg photo P1090597_zpsdaa79907.jpg

 photo P1090601_zpscb4d844e.jpg photo P1090602_zps99f133e6.jpg photo P1090604_zps1cb93c1b.jpg

 photo P1090605_zps6f6976ac.jpg photo P1090606_zpsa3f97ebe.jpg photo P1090610_zps7d28b3b2.jpg

 photo P1090611_zps8461727d.jpg photo P1090612_zpsc741122b.jpg photo P1090613_zpsbebf61ff.jpg

 photo P1090615_zps2986988c.jpg photo P1090616_zps0f3450a4.jpg photo P1090618_zps2f55d90b.jpg

 photo P1090622_zps243d1f48.jpg photo P1090623_zps2c208f33.jpg photo P1090624_zps5ecd7907.jpg

 photo P1090625_zpsae920bdf.jpg photo P1090626_zps9c2837be.jpg photo P1090627_zpsf7916207.jpg

 photo P1090628_zps73dfb0e3.jpg photo P1090629_zps28990b02.jpg photo P1090630_zpsb5ef360e.jpg

 photo P1090631_zps2d416595.jpg photo P1090633_zps3855f7fe.jpg photo P1090636_zps7601cf5d.jpg

 photo P1090637_zps3df7e0e0.jpg photo P1090638_zps3c663d01.jpg photo P1090639_zpse9c52e7b.jpg

 photo P1090640_zps0c4a1be8.jpg photo P1090642_zps2cb7e492.jpg photo P1090643_zps6b0d0674.jpg

 photo P1090647_zps81d8a7c7.jpg photo P1090648_zps41986027.jpg photo P1090651_zps6cd24618.jpg

 photo P1090653_zps86968e63.jpg photo P1090654_zpsb2e9e876.jpg photo P1090658_zps84c6cd80.jpg

 photo P1090660_zps4c181033.jpg photo P1090661_zps9d8b90ba.jpg photo P1090664_zps734d0132.jpg

 photo P1090665_zps0b73bd86.jpg photo P1090666_zpsd1332113.jpg photo P1090667_zpsfa58bdac.jpg


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